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Without a doubt, Amber made that stupid comment about the Parasite movie poster. It fits right in with the rest of her pathetic attempts at humor. Like when she posted about eating at "blow jobs" when she took Necky to BJ's brew house.

Anytime she uses the word 'giggled' I'm taken back to her craptastic Kate Winslet lesbian fanfic...a dead giveaway she pulled that old lady nonsense out of her massive ass.


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"My self confidence is next to zero"

I thought people who have no self confidence wouldn't post pics of themselves on social media.
You’d think so but you’d also be surprised at how often people act the opposite way; the majority of the girls who post their ass or tits on social media are the same girls who cry about confidence issues and self esteem. It’s their way of fishing for compliments from their followers while trying to seem confident but inside they’re actually depressed about their looks.

“So me and Becky saw this movie *lipsmack* and it was really interesting ‘cause it was in like, Chinese, so that was like, a whole deal”

Bitch did not go to see Parasite for Valentine’s Day. She passed the movie poster on the way to see Birds of Prey like the hot lezbeen she is.
Yeah, Becky being a big Marvel/DC nerd (or so she claims) they would have definitely gone to see Birds of Prey so Beckster can enjoy her fill. Amber will do a video at some point trying to be cute by incorrectly naming the movie "budgies of praying" or something.

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Yeah, it's been up on YT several hours now. When I read through comments, there were close to 500 & most told her to cut it out with the mukbangs & once again, called her out on her shit. There were a few supporters telling her: "Honey, it's your channel; do what you please. Never mind the haters, just do healthy mukbangs." & similar bullshit. Many had 'helpful' suggestions about what she should upload - most suggestions revolving around walking Twinkie or doing something, ANYTHING; other than mukbangs.


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Saw this screenshot in the AL Facebook group. Not seeing it anywhere on here (unless I’m fucking stupid, which could be the case) and I’m not subbed to Amber. Is this new? Because yikes
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It never ceases to amaze me how she sees herself as a creator lmao. :story:
The only thing she creates is a stench.


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I looked at Fat Amber's social blade page today and these past few eating videos are not making her the big coin. Seems she has also noticed this.
These past few eating videos have been..... well, worse than the ones she usually puts out. Quality/healthiness of the food aside, when she films mukbangs she usually talks at a normal pitch and speed. In the recent ones, she talks incredibly slowly, chews for much longer than is normal for her, and this makes it all the more annoying because she takes bites and chews forever before she completes whatever sentence she'd begun. I normally just listen to her mukbangs, but with these I could not follow what the fuck she was saying until I said screw it and edited them to cut out the chewing. I imagine the obnoxiousness of these videos must have been seriously compounded for people watching her without adblock and I wonder how many people didn't even make it halfway before giving up.

Hopefully this has taught her that she needs to adhere to at least normal Amber standards in her videos if she wants her shekels.

Her constant flip flopping on if doing mukbangs while as big as a house are fine or not is just astonishing. Remember when she called out Obese To Beast because he said she shouldn’t do them at her size. Then she agreed with him, then took it back, now she’s thinking she shouldn’t do them?

I vote for her to continue the “eat with me” videos. I want to see 700 el bees.


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"but do i want to continue mukbangs? probably not"

lol yes you do you fat cunt and you wish you could take four double whoppers to the face while doing so
Right, as opposed to what?
1. Reacting to herself
2. Beetus paw finger fucking her makeup
3. Going to Wommort
4. One of the countless vids addressing the haydurs
5. Gross sit at the stove soup makin videos
6. Destiny (who looks at acts more re.tarded every time we see her, the FAS is hittin) and Dana (whose old lady-man face mask face looks more and more unsettling and sees no issue grifting for her WEDDIN, when we all know she wants to make little orges and will be on the next hilbilly dick as soon as it's possible) pretending to enjoy AL's company in exchange for their weekly allowance.
7. Amber trotting her half dead partner to let us know it's still breathing.
8. Movie night yall with Mumbles and Rickie and Becky with the personality of a coffee table, and the sex appeal of a schoolhouse fire.
9. A video where AL claims to love her furbabbies
10. Horrid Haul, complete with AL being out of breath from simply holding up her tarps to show the Ambabies her new circus tents.
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