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Recently a picture from Bergamo was posted on r/italy, and it portrayed a street with military trucks in it. There were so many you couldn't even see where they began and where they finished. All those trucks were filled with the coffins of the people who have died, and they were being transported to another city to be cremated, because Bergamo's crematorium couldn't handle that many bodies. Bergamo is a major city and counts more than 120k residents, and even they can't handle it.

Amber doesn't seem to realize not only how terrible the situation is in general, but how terrible it could be for her too: she is morbidly obese, and has diabetes and respiratory problems, if she were to get sick, there would be no possibility for her to get out of it alive.
it really is a case of, right now, aint nobody got time for Amber's shit. The ALR show was already painfully boring, with better alternatives. But general interest was low enough because even without a virus that reaps the vulnerable like industrial farm equipment through a wheat field, Amber aint got that long, and now.. the way she's OBLIVIOUS to the world around her, still goes out every day for food, and paws her grubby hands on everything like normal... I'd be very surprised if she doesnt join the death stats in the coming months.

There's just no point in watching such a literal dead end anymore. BUT, who knows, maybe she'll step her game up to grab more attention even during a pandemic... Probably not but here's hoping.

DefCon Dumb

Confronter of Cryptoid Cuntiness
Call me when you're too scared & anxious to fart around with makeup, take selfies & play Etch-A-Sketch with filters.

Scared, anxious? Why? Did both you & your spouse get laid off with no savings, mortgage payment due Wednesday & a dread that because you both work in tourism/hospitality it will be a long time before you work again? And the 2 kids are home for at least several weeks to come & already bored? Oh & your Dad just called - Mom is sick & he's taking her to hospital because she's starting to have trouble catching her breath?

We're ALL experiencing varying levels of anxiety & sometimes fear - until we kick our own backsides & govern our emotions. Somehow we're managing to cope without glittery sparkles on a badly filtered selfie.

DefCon Dumb

Confronter of Cryptoid Cuntiness
She's spent a lot of time trying to gain & maintain traction using her anxiety & related issues & while that's worked with Ambabies, I wonder how long their tolerance for that nonsense is going to hold up? I gave the example yesterday of how this could theoretically affect just one family & for a bit, thought I was being extreme. But there have to be hundreds of thousands of people with that many genuine concerns or worse. Health care workers of all sorts who have no choice but to deal with the risk every shift, politicians & health care authorities who have to make the tough decisions - knowing they're damned if they do, damned if they don't. Increasingly, we're seeing stories of people really stepping up to the plate, in ways large & small; wanting to be part of the solution, not the problem. I know she's stupid but I thought she was too self-serving, too narcissistic to want to further risk her capacious hide. Once again when it comes to her, I've been proven wrong.


My human and I talk shit about you
Baby your eyebrows give me anxiety.
Has she ever in her life taken a selfie without a filter?
Yes, and this is how Corona-chan was released upon the world. First, you get an IG story from "unknown" with a photo of a Reeses cup and the cryptic caption "89 elbees". Then you start coughing and craving orange chicken.