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Amber you don't have a large following ffs. Talks about delusion then says about this shit. OK Amber it is evident as fuck that you dwell here now daily no doubt. Amber people hate you because you are a fake bitch who purposely trolls audiences for coin then tries to attack them critics but you still don't realise that you can never have both. You die on one of the graves not both. You also purposely annoy and try and piss off various individual groups especially the mentally ill with actual mental illness. You abuse people and animals around you and all you do is copy EVERYTHING you have no individual thought.

This is literally a carbon copy of a jeffree Star rant on his snapchats.

Amber is fucking crawling for attention now because she knows that its over, you can't be Trisha Paytas because only she can be also her audience is a ride or die. She realises the trap she has set herself in now she HAS to be the freakshow to be rich in order to get coin because she is surging out so much especially older stuff most of it is a month old. You played yourself Amber you buffoon, you joined the circus thought you can leave with the coin and the audience but didn't realise the fact you were the circus act got you the coin and the audience.

Her descent is incredible :)

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Ah... nothing like a Big Mad for dessert after supper. So much righteous indignation & anger from our poor misunderstood gorl. We misunderstand her? Let me refresh my 'remembery' about how she misunderstands her viewers.

In her eyes, skinny, pretty & rich = loved. Even with her limited cognitive skills, that is sadly shallow. I'm not surprised - she lectures us using a cutesy filter. I had giggly fits thinking of a 3 year old 'pretend cry' while trying to be manipulative. Do we believe the lecturing adult? Or do we feel amusement at the indignant toddler?

I don't care how often she apologizes - her apologies are never real apologies - just a reason for more excuses & no, she doesn't learn from her mistakes or make changes.

She's right about 1 thing - once she makes up her mind about something, nobody can change her mind.

She's hated because of how she looks. No, she's hated because she's a spiteful, petty, self serving bitch with no obvious redeeming features in her character.

Not having a fair chance on YT because of her weight? Fair chance at what? She has nothing else to offer but the side show aspect of her.

People EARN respect, it's not & never should be a given. She hasn't earned any. I don't think anyone expects perfection from her. I'd be astonished if she achieved "adequate" but that's stretch.

Delusional is thinking an overwhelming majority of people with a set of opinions or facts that differ from what she WANTS are delusional. Delusional is thinking her job is 'real work' and 'HARD'. Delusion is thinking she could waltz into her boss's office in a real job, spew off like she did & not be escorted from the premises with her small box of personal possessions by security guards. Only on YB & perhaps other social platform can she try to ream out those who pay her & get away with it.
I don't know if we've ever seen Hamberlynn's full on narcissism and gaslighting this prevalent before. She's becoming more and more unhinged as that sweet YouTube coin is slipping out of her mitten glove hands. Neuroticlynn is in full swing, buckos. You're right Amber, I can sleep soundly at night knowing I'm not a 500+ lb woman, who's almost 30, who has unhinged public rants on Snapchat.
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Who the hell subbed to her fatass, anyway? Do people not follow someone for a few vids then sub, anymore? What dumbasses.

Edit: regarding the Snap rant.. which doctor shopping is she referring to?? Each time she did, she said both doctors she saw said the same thing, point, blank, period. At least for the most recent ones. She was the one to keep saying people/commenters were saying it could be this/that/something else. Hamberformerlynn unsurprisingly can't keep up with her lies.
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She deleted all her Tik Toks. I guess she’s trying damage control.
That's odd, there was nothing damaging on Tik Tok. Maybe she wasn't getting whatever response she was looking for.

It doesn't matter anyway, all of her Tik Tok videos were uploaded directly to this thread, in addition to however many people posted them to YouTube.

EDIT: I posted all of them into their own thread, that should make it easier for people to find.
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I wonder if this has something to do with it? Just saw this picture on Twitter. It seemed like she made a tik tok just to get new fans and now that she’s seeing hate there too, she bailed. View attachment 1306866
It looks like chinks have been reuploading her shit on YouTube too. You’d think the platform is mostly Chinese teens wanting to laugh at fat whales.


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they have been reuploading her tiktoks on youtube? i was really hoping we'd get some horrified dainty asians reacting to her after her japanese food videos and i was very disappointed to not see any
@ADHD has made a thread with all of her TIkToks archived and given that her account is deleted let's move all TikTok discussion away from this thread and into that thread, including Asians laughing at her (I haven't found any videos like this but I hope to).

If Amberlynn undeletes TikTok then discussion can move back here, which I know will be kind of awkward but we'll live.


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I wonder if this has something to do with it? Just saw this picture on Twitter. It seemed like she made a tik tok just to get new fans and now that she’s seeing hate there too, she bailed.
View attachment 1306866
It’s very interesting that she’s known to other people mostly for the false rape accusation, it must piss her off relentlessly that people keep churning that out about her.