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Mr. God
I feel like Amber is incapable of understanding that people aren't just being shitty when they say she looks awful, example being the hair flip video. She looks like absolute garbage. No sane person would post a video looking like that, even as a troll. It's so fucking cringy and embarrassing. She doesn't seem sassy, or brave, or empowered, or whatever else she spins it as. She isn't dabbing on the haters. She looks like five waterlogged corpses stapled together swinging around a rope covered in shit.

Diet Coke 4 Life

When I peek, it is in the line of duty.
Nearly 30 years old, huh?
There's not a lot else she could have bought that would have as thoroughly showcased her insane spending habits and penchant for buying useless things--lots of useless her "friends".
Hell, maybe Thumby's gonna repaper the bathroom....
Huh! Repapering a bathroom in pokémon cards?

My goblin would adore that. So would most other crotch-rockets.

And it'd be fitting for the mental maturity of that household.