Amber says dumb shit on social media - Snap raritycat & rarityycat / Twitter mustbepearls / IG raritycat & curvycaloriies / TikTok curvycaloriies

She's been abstaining from posting mukbangs lately, maybe she's going to put those on her Patreon?

The TikTok video:
Sorry but what the absolute FUCK is with the deathfat obsession with fettuccine Alfredo? Has anyone else noticed that? Not even just on YouTube, I’ve seen it with obese people irl too. They all have to choose the heaviest, calorically dense pasta sauce. Like holy hell, try some marinara or a primavera sauce- god forbid these people get some veggies in their diet.

Also my apologies if the formatting on this post is off, I’m typing from my phone. Couldn’t even wait to get home to express my annoyance with the creamy pasta sauce obsession.

how now brown cow
Posted about 30 minutes ago.
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So Amber is trying to VERY subtly communicate that she acts like a happy and sociable butterfly, but on the inside she is broken and hurting, and she can't let anyone know this because no one would understand.

What is a girl to do?! Post it to tik tok of course! She's like a 14 year old girl, this is so embarrassing.

I haven't been watching amber for long enough to know if she is trolling or if she's being serious right now.