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Ur gnna fuckin touch me whether you like it or not
Posted about 30 minutes ago.
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She’s waving goodbye to go to the bathroom because she knows by the time she’s finished in there, her company will have left. Then she anguishes as she physically and mentally prepares for the monstrous shit she’s about to take.

That was the story she was trying to tell, wasn’t it?

Smoovy Jay
Posted about 30 minutes ago.
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So Amber is trying to VERY subtly communicate that she acts like a happy and sociable butterfly, but on the inside she is broken and hurting, and she can't let anyone know this because no one would understand.

What is a girl to do?! Post it to tik tok of course! She's like a 14 year old girl, this is so embarrassing.

I haven't been watching amber for long enough to know if she is trolling or if she's being serious right now.
She's being fucking deep, OK?????? She puts on this happy front but really, she's troubled inside. I mean, we already know that because she never shuts up about her mentuhls and the boolyeyeen. Bless you, FeelingsLynn, bless you.

So she has udders now?

Smoovy Jay
It’s hello kitty
Don't do kitties dirty like that.

In her latest video, she just received the "dress" she's wearing in this tik tok. So she was bitching about vlogging (something she needs to do for her livelihood, the rest of us will be fine without her) and had "technical difficulties" but was able to plan this emotional rollercoaster of a tik tok somewhere in between.