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Is Amber a real and raw writer?

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    Votes: 57 9.1%
  • Fat

    Votes: 522 83.4%
  • Yes

    Votes: 29 4.6%
  • Has potential

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Queen of Nilbog
Cross-posted from getting help at 560 pounds

Looks as if Eric's economy of language is influencing our gorl:

"... and people just don't understand where I'm coming from, and I feel like I'm very misunderstood [grabs temples dramatically] I hate that word ... but I really feel I am misunderstood ... in a sense ... and that's mainly because people don't understand what I'm going through".

Amber's clarifying here that she is misunderstood in the 'people don't understand me' sense.

She needs to clarify that because people are constantly misunderstanding her.

Birthday Dickpunch

hugs pls \(ouo)/
True & Honest Fan
I dropped my €250 customised fountain pen and cried like a baby because one of the tines is now irrepairable. Perhaps our gorl is a fountain pen afficionado? When you have that many journals to fill certainly one would do it in style.
Hey there's a thought. Maybe that's why her journals are all blank. She just hasn't replaced her poor broken pen yet.

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