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From her new video, "Eat With Me" (5/15/19):

"You're not supposed to drink liquids when you eat."
This was said in the video thread, but I'll give her this one. If she read anything about WLS, you are not supposed to drink 30 minutes before, during or 30 minutes after a meal -- so that your now walnut sized stomach gets the full from nutrients in food and not water.

Now, what I won't give her is that this is not going to do her any good with her beachball medicine ball sized stomach.

Prince Lotor

A picture of Dad and I before he ordered my death
I may be out of the loop but this new phrase than seems to have surfaced with the Return of the Revenge of Cuntylynn makes me laugh every time I see it: "Hop off my ass!"

I'm not sure if this is some new way the kids are saying 'Get off my ass', but when I read her saying to 'Hop' off her ass I just. .well, most people don't have an ass that's hop-able, y'know? Like, as I hear it now it just makes me think that her ass has been ginormous for so long that it doesn't occur to her that what she's suggesting is Dr Seuss levels of abnormal because most people's asses can't be comfortably used as a chair. .some sort of beanbag chair even, that she can instruct you to 'hop off' of.

So whether it's also a phrase outside of Wrydurlynn's personal phraseology or not it makes me laugh every time I see her say it.

Becky's Cock n Balls

Male Lesbian Intersex Transgender
Not an original quote on her end, but this one gets me.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than to be loved for someone I'm not."

Like this bitch has ever been honest and transparent with her viewers. Let me fix it. "She'd rather be hated for the adsense shekels."

edit - fixed for exact quote

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