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Is Amber a real and raw writer?

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    Votes: 72 9.4%
  • Fat

    Votes: 633 82.4%
  • Yes

    Votes: 39 5.1%
  • Has potential

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This thing here is called a custom title.
In a response to @lettuce_fetish less than an hour ago, Amber said in part that it was literally impossible to "teach a dog old tricks" like not getting into the trash, for which CXNT rightly ripped her a new one.

I like this because, obviously, she mangled the expression "teach an old dog new tricks," and how tf is not doing a thing a "trick"?


True & Honest Fan
She doesn't actually mean psyche.

She used to say "my mental" [my mental health] but NOW she has a psychiatrist see haters that PROVES that she's damaged and sick and a VICTIM.

She switched it to "my psych" ["my psychiatric/psychological problems] because it sounds more serious to her squid brain.

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