Amberlynn Engagagement and Wedding Planning Megathread 1/14/2021 - For all pre-wedding wedding talk

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Have we ever seen Becky dress up for anything? I can't imagine her stuffing herself into a dress or a suit in her current form.
She's the one person I can think of that would actually look less horrific in basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and a snapback at their own wedding.

I'd look forward to their wedding but I expect a rather long engagement period. Amber probably just needs more content ideas and she'd be able to squeeze out a good amount of "wedding planning" videos.


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What in the gay hell... why is Amber kneeling on the floor??


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BTW, here’s Dana’s ring in case you were curious:
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I couldn’t get a good shot from the video, but it still looks better than Amber’s (for instance, ALR’s triple shank looks uneven and focused on the bottom of the main diamond, something I don’t see in quality rings).
There’s another picture of this up thread as a response to one of my comments, I believe. In that pic, she’s already wearing a wedding band with her this horrific nightmare. I have to say, there’s not an iota of taste in this entire group of people. Dana’s might be “better”, but is your ring being a 1.5/10 really better than it being just a 1/10?

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Y'all are haydurs, that sparkly ring perfectly complements the jaundice in Amber's Vienna sausages! I appreciate the nice juxtaposition of her pudgy, yellow fingers showcased next to Becky's bloated, blotchy red digits. Truly a match made in heaven Kentucky.

I think it's a forgone conclusion that Amber will 100% neglect to film anything we'd actually be interested in seeing, instead she'll treat us to "taste tests", hauls of shit for this white trash extravaganza and weeping about her mentuhlz.

Hope the Thumbservant is prepared: she's going to end up doing all the actual planning, organizing and work while her dainty betrothed perches atop Mount Pillowmanjaro and barks orders. Planning weddings is stressful and involves a lot of phone calls, and our poor Amber has crippling phone anxiety.

I have SO many questions. How many candles will the gorls register for at Bath & Body Works? Will Eric and Ricky sport matching man-buns during the ceremony? Which choker will Amber wear for the occasion? How many tantrums will Amber throw when Necky's sisters attempt to help with the wedding/showers. Come to think of it, who would actually come to Amber's bridal shower?

ETA: Hoooboy It just occurred to me that they might attempt to write their own vows. I pray to all that is holy that:
1. This happens
2. We get to hear them
Most normal people who write their own vows do a shit job anyways so imagine what these two would do. I really hope this plays out now.

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I imagine Amber's connections are thanking their lucky stars they're not Jewish & wanting a traditional Jewish wedding. I'm thinking about the part where the bride & groom get hoisted up on chairs & joyously bounced around.

Catholics do that too. At least where I am from. But I don't think Becky or Amber are Catholics.

Of course Amber has to be the girliest bride in the whole Universe because she is such a dainty, girly girl.

But what I wanna know is, are Dana and Misty going to be bridesmaids? And who is going to give Amber away?

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I think anyone expecting a grand ceremony will be sorely disappointed. As with many weddings in those parts, I would guess, it will be a small affair. For one, it will likely be prepared by the Williams clan, and officiated either at the Williams home or the local legion or Kinsman or the like. Amber has no friends and no one in her family would attend except perhaps her mother. Most attendees are going to be the Williams’. The meal will be potluck style and the decorations will be from Walmart or Dollar stores. This is why it will not filmed.
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I don’t think they will ever legally get married.
Amber just likes the idea of a gaudy monstrosity on her hand that she can flail around in videos.
If they got married then inevitably separated, Beggy could potentially go the legal route for spousal support since she is not the breadwinner. Amber is fine with doling out the pity allowance for ugly shirts and coloring supplies but I doubt she would want to be court ordered to support her massive ex-spouse.

Um.... I saw this in one of those dumb FB groups but it looks legit.... holy fuck

EDIT: I’m still trying to find further proof, nobody is saying it’s a fake in the group. I’m not a friend with either Becks or Amber so if any Kiwi’s are they could probably confirm will further update if I see anything else

EDIT 2: apparently the original post Becky took down because of an influx of laugh reactions lmao, apparently she proposed at 2am plus it’s the 2 year anniversary of Dustin breaking up with Amber so big yikes
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The beetus knuckles really help bring out the luster in the zirconia.


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apologies if i missed someone mention this already, but becky has medicaid, no? would she lose that in the event that they get married?

slight PL: a friend of mine recently got engaged and said they would've gotten married a looong time ago, but she's on medicaid/disability due to chronic health issues and would lose her coverage (and her fiance has no insurance or high ass shitty insurance from the marketplace).

is that how it works? i mean obviously ALR is the one with more health issues and should've had insurance ages ago, but becky is fat as hell and has her issues too.

She had incentive to lose weight to show doctors that she was capable and ready to keep the weight off. She could've taken this time to go to therapy and get those hours in so she'd be in a mental space to turn her life around and maintain a healthier condition/body. She also has had the additional incentive to lose weight to get into those machines to make sure that the cancer is gone and there's no cause for concern. A hysterectomy is a cure for many people with that type of cancer, but it's not guaranteed. You'd think she'd want the peace of mind to be able to go to her initial and then 6 month appointments and know she's truly in remission. But she's not shown any commitment to losing for either of those reasons and I can absolutely imagine her repurposing her 'weight loss surgery' fund to a bachelorette parties/wedding/reception fund.

On the other hand, this works out great for Becky. She gets financial security and a sugar momma who's in bad shape and may or may not already have cancer. Either way, her station in life will have improved. Besides the butt wiping, lack of sex(besides that she obviously isn't getting what Destiny was, would she even want Amber at this weight and hygiene? I'll leave that speculation to the Nasty thread), and not truly having autonomy thing.

@ post 2 below *She's stupid if she thinks the news stays contained on hate groups. All it would take is one person to post it somewhere else.
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