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Amber is heavier than a disembodied heart of a blue whale.



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Assuming a current weight close to 500lbs, Amber weighs more than...

3 miniature horses (150 lbs each)
2 miniature donkeys (200 lbs each)
2 Arnold Schwarzeneggers (249 lbs each)

Inspired by the rather heartwarming video of Arnold being quarantined with his mini hooved friends.

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Assuming a weight in excess of 500 el bees Amber is heavier than:

18 900 3M N95 masks @ 12grams each.
45 WHO ventilators @5kg each
the family of 4 that live next door to me that I have finally got a good eyeball of during lock down. she's 140 max, he's tall, maybe 200? the two kids are school age but no way take them over 500.


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she weighs more than a vending machine on the smaller scale (400 el bees).

more than two of your average nfl players combined (245 el bees for both players).

more than aaron gibson the heaviest nfl player, even at his heaviest at a hefty 440 el bees.

more than a chassis (330).

tldr hamber is fucking fat.