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So gross that she's two Amys. I know Amy lost some weight, but she's still fat AF. Amberlynn is fatter than a person who got a TV show for being fat.
I think Amy got down to 275, which would make her less than half of Amber's estimated current weight of 600lbs, but I'm pretty sure she's gained weight during her pregnancy and there's a good chance she might be over 300 lbs again, which would make her a little more than half Amber's weight. However, it has been a while since Amber has uploaded a video and showed anything more than highly filtered pictures of herself, so there's also a chance she's gone above 600 by now. The only thing we know for sure is that she sure as hell weighed a lot more than the 526 that she claimed to weigh in her one and only "weigh in Wednesday" video of 2021, where she never actually showed her weigh in.

Anyway(or should I say AnyWEIGH...ha I kill me!) getting back to the topic, Amber weighs more than the largest watermelon ever grown(over 350lbs), 33 of the largest pineapples ever grown( over 18.25 lbs) 6 of the largest jackfruit ever grown(over 94lbs 2.9 ounces) and 25 of the largest cucumber ever grown(23 lbs 7 ounces).