Amberlynn Reid enjoys Pasta -



Edit: If you're wondering, 32 bites and 4 goes at the cola to deplete the can entirely. My rules for the cuts were loosely to start at when she stopped talking or opened her mouth to eat (whichever came later), and to cut at when her fork hit the plate, punctured food, or when she started talking again (whichever came first). If she said something ironic before eating I'd keep that.
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I've got more demons where that came from.
Great edit.
"I feel like if I sat here and ate super slow, this video would be three hours long"
She has to be eating that fast when the camera is off. No way does she ever eat slow what we saw has to be the slowest she eats. Prolly tranced out staring at her laptop. I don't get how she could stand being home all day long doing nothing, Im shocked she doesnt sleep half the day away.
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I watched this and was amazed how the pasta pile didn't really seen to get any smaller until the very end. Like a goddamn magic trick.

Also what kind of savage shoves a whole meatball into their mouth. Never change Amber!
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