Amberlynn Reid enjoys Pasta -

So many questions. Where the fuck is this? Is she outside? if so, why is there jewelry outside?

If she's inside why is there wood paneling on the wall? Why is the traffic so loud? Is a window open?

Who is she talking to? Us? Who edits around bites?

I know next to nothing about Amberlynn outside a few videos but her videos are hypnotizing. They are utterly pointless but I will watch them to the end. And it just ends. ".....this video would be like 3 hrs long..." END!.....okay.


There's fish on my tray.
I usually listen to streams in the car, and in a way I'm kind of glad I didn't see Amber shovel down pasta from a serving dish and what appear to be microwaved meatballs, nor having to look at her face, which at this point is almost as wide as it is tall.

Does she have any personality of her own? Didn't she say another YT'r liked it that way, and that she, herself, is a 'dry girl', but we've seen her loving sauced foods, including pasta, many times. You can tell from the video, she wasn't thrilled with what she was eating, just pleased with how much of it she was consuming. That's a huge portion.

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It's like she doesn't take time to prepare her food. She just cooks whatever she can before eating them. I'm convinced the joy of eating is more important to her than actually preparing the food to make it presentable and enjoyable first.
The only thing that helps me commiserate with the plight of the incredibly fat is that I fucked up my back once and it was hard to stand up for any length of time to cook anything in-depth recipe wise. It wouldn't surprise me if she just got tired of standing and just boiled some penne and nuked some meatballs that she bought prepackaged at the store. They even have pasta in pouches that you can microwave for 60 seconds and it's ready. I'm also willing to bet that those noodles are slathered with a hefty, yet unseen amount of butter.


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And speed up the pasta eating process further reducing the need to chew? I think our gorl is doing ok dry.
She does the same thing with rice too. In her crunchy foods mukbang, she was eating plain white rice (not as odd as dry pasta, but most people I know want a bit more flavor added to it from things like vegetables, eggs, soy sauce, etc.). Like with pasta, her spoonfuls of rice are insane. As most have said in this thread already, it’s probably because she likes the sensations of feeling full and having food in her mouth. Those things seem primary to Al before taste.

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She is so much easier on the ears when she is just shoveling in food with all conversation removed. It is eerie how silent it is; I never quite realized how much she chatters away until I saw this edit. Nice job, Null!


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Well joke's on you all because Al just started a limited carb diet and she's totally going to stick to it this time.
She’ll stick to low carb like she stuck to Optavia

That being said, what will Al choose to relapse with when the low carb saga ends? I’m thinking she’ll choose a giant plate of rice.
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She’ll stick to low carb like she stuck to Optavia

That being said, what will Al choose to relapse with when the low carb saga ends? I’m thinking she’ll choose a giant plate of rice.

"hey guise, apparently low carb doesn't work for me booboo sOoOoOoOoOoOoOo" (sounds of a chip bag being opened just off camera)

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