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Trainwreck Amberlynn Reid & Friends500lb Vlogger , Liar ,Leech. Mooch, Drama Queen

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by PiggyPie, Aug 19, 2016.

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Who weighs more: Amberlynn or Amy Slaton?

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  1. Gosh...I really don't understand this people....

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    #4441 CoccoCandies, May 19, 2017
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  2. Amberlynn & Co are fascinating to view, like witnessing an altered reality and not only due to her obsessional inate desire to fabricate every living moment of her existence but...

    This probably will come across bad but I just don't understand the issue with who surrounds these people, especially the DD's. The image someone posted with the outside shot of them both sitting down shocked me, how can you claim to belong within a family framework etc and watch someone you love developing into such a sorry state of affairs

    My family would never in a million years allow me or anyone in our family to put on weight to that degree and not address it and actively work on you to maintain a healthy physique. I'm not from America and in the country I reside being overweight is frowned upon so maybe that's why as countries are different I guess but I just don't get that if you love someone.. why the hell can you sit back and watch a slow suicide and it not upset you so much you do something to save that person

    It's so damn tragic
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    ObeseGeese Guest

  3. These are "adult" women who don't live at home with their parents. They are responsible for their own eating habits. How are you going to force another adult to eat properly and exercise, especially when you don't live with them? Sure, their familes can nag them, but that rarely fixes the problem. If anything, it would probably just push them further away.
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    Toxoplasmosis I have scare in my eyes

  4. Yes, it's a great idea that if someone makes legal choices that YOU don't like, YOU have the right to intervene and stop them. Cos we all need a nanny state and concern trolls instructing us on how to be good human beings.
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    Moochy Tex

    Moochy Tex Guest

  5. I've read the entire thread but i joined in late and this is the first time i've heard her say "gorl" and holy shit it is even more annoying and weird than i thought it would be.
    It sounds like fucked up what she was going to say and ended up gargling her words but i guess that's just how "quirky" girls say girl.
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    SargonthanyAkkatana shifty swede

  6. I think you took it wrong.
    There are a ton of countries where obesity is seen in a harsher way, whether from family members or the outside world, where you can't find a job nor do you have any economic help because of it. I've seen cases in the USA with families who have tried to even legally intervene with anorexic people which obese people always say obesity it's the same, a psychological disease, that's maybe what the other person meant, no need to be aggressive. Things like that can happen, I'm not expressing my thoughts about it I just can't comprehend who act's like is falling from an apple tree.
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    #4446 CoccoCandies, May 19, 2017
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  7. LMAO go back to bed. If I were 500 pounds I'd be glad if my family tried to save from an early death.
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  8. :lol: leave it to Grandpa to tell it like it is
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  9. Since YouTubers are making less money I wonder if AL is going to get another job. I'm thinking she will apply for disability which will take money away from people who actually need it.
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  10. From some comments under her videos and other youtubers it seems she's making basically nothing... I wonder with what she's living now... she clearly isn't shopping and eating out anymore which supports the fact but Idk...
    How much does she make on younow?
  11. She gets a cut from the tips she makes. Unfortunately there are people out there giving her like $50 (at once!) tips, and when I used to watch her YouNows people would tip her at the minimum $10 upwards to $20, this was multiple people. For two hours she probably makes somewhere in the hundreds. :|

    You can tell when she's strapped on cash because she'll sit and do nothing on YouNow multiple times a day, or consecutive days in a row. She actually doesn't care about talking to her "fans" because she doesn't even interact with them anyways.
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    PropaGONDA "my favourite poet is myself"
    True & Honest Fan


  12. I can't believe people give her money
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  13. I kind of want her to show us one of her Google adsense cheques...since she's still claiming to make around $4000 a month. Her social blade says she makes about $258-$4100 a month, which is such a wide range that we can't even assume how much she really does make.

    I don't think she's really that affected by the ads on Youtube since her videos or titles don't contain things that would detour ads away from her channel. There's really close to no sexual/vulgar/restricted content on her channel.

    With her YouNow and YouTube earnings, I do believe she makes enough to stay at home comfortably (as she is doing so currently).

    Knowing Big AL she won't show how much she makes anyway so :ow:
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  14. Are ya fuckin serious? Jesus motherfucking tap dancing Christ. Rediculous.

    Maybe this is reaching, but I feel like these "fans" who love her so much they are willing to fork over cash just to get to "interact" with her on a sad level are the ones who are killing her. She'll never get a job and she'll never be forced to stop her constant feed for a few hours a day to focus on something else. She's going to be one of those people whos skin fuses to uphostery so hard that they can't be separated because they've literally turned into a couch, isn't she. :(
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    AlineBawb Guest

  15. It's pretty depressing actually. She has limited to no interactions with her "fans". The only comments "thanks for watching" because that's all she cares about. She cares about the attention and money. That's it.
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  16. Is she even monetizing her videos anymore? Only 1 of the past 4 I've watched of hers had an ad for me.
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  17. It takes money from tax payers. If less people needed disability less money would be given into it.
  18. That's very generalised. In America, being obese is frowned upon and known to be dangerous.
    Other countries with less obesity are just often better prepared to avoid obesity by different decisions from the goverment and offer more healthy resources. Like, more health education, healthier food for cheaper, towns with lots of areas for walking and bike riding just as an example. In America, food lobbies often dictate a higher scale of unhealthy food supply, healthy food is less accessible and there are less resources for healthy lifestyles (also just an example). It's much more systematic than an attitude of the people.
    In any country, you have groups of obese people that don't get it, are ignorant, flat out deny their health issues or gain against better knowledge, that's not a real difference but in America they are more enabled
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    Breadkin Pop pagan David Hasselhoff worship

  19. It doesn't matter that she doesn't use clickbait or offensive content. I know multiple people who got the ads from their videos removed simply because. So unless AL shows us some proof we can't really say how much she exactly makes.

    Btw, maybe I'm the only one, but I don't mind the fact that people are paying her. Knowing Big AL she doesn't save money so imagine her situation once her channels on YouNow and Youtube die out. She's so spoiled and entitled...is there like a home for morbidly obese people? I watched "My 600 lbs life" and those people usually have a family that takes care of them. But since AL doesn't have anyone, I wonder where she could go hmm..probably some kind of a hospital. How depressing.
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  20. She would prob do what she did before YouTube. Moving in with any "girlfriend" that would take her in, or in her own words become a u-haul lesbian.
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