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I hope 2020 is the year Amberlynn discovers all those bullshit “weight loss subliminals” that the ED community on YouTube seems to love so much. Our gorl needs a fresh batch of snake oil for 2020 and this could be it. Just think about it. It’s literally 0% effort. They were practically designed for her!

Psssst Amber if yr reading this:
What the fuck, they actually believe listening to certain songs will magically make them lose weight?

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She just posted. Oh my god, one of her resolutions is to 'think about college'

It's a lot easier than actually doing it. I predict, without even watching the thing, that most of her bullshit "resolutions" are both not concrete ("lose weight" as a generalization) and things that will not happen this year or any other.

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I still want her to discover the panacea that is Jilly Juice, though I fear just one dose would kill her and ruin the fun.
The ultimate crossover in lolcows. It would be interesting to see Jillian and Hamber try to discuss health and biochemistry. Their collective tendencies to craft their own re.tarded conspiracy theories/delusions is what makes them so full of m.ilk. Amber starting the JillyJuice protocol may actually make 2020 interesting for our gorl.

All of this talk is getting me thinking about how she honestly has barely scratched the surface of crash/yo-yo diet hell. I want Amber to live a long, miserable, and hilarious life. There are so many diets we haven’t seen her on yet! So many cycles to be had! How about some South Beach or IU diet? Maybe she can purchase some waist trainers or sweet sweats and use them on her swollen thighs? She hasn’t done much more than WW, improper CICO, and Optaviviva for the camera. Give us a master cleanse! a juicing kick complete with detox bunk and purchasing a $800 juicer!
Gorl can’t even properly engage in diet culture. That shit would be legitimately entertaining. Oop, there goes all the mental energy I’m willing to expend on this for the month bye