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It's really buffling that people complain about the cleanliness of the earrings rather than the prices. These earrings were touched multiple times before Amber even bought them, if you buy earrings and wear them without sterilising them yourself you must be a special kind of idiot.
Either way she touched her cunt, touched her top ass cheek, feet, dustys cunt (some are that old) and Beckys balls with her unwashed digits.
Id rather a stranger than knowing that.


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A few years back, to make ends meet, we sold cell phone cases on EBay. Writing out addresses by hand took about 3 minutes or so an order - finding correct address on webpages etc, so about 20-25 envelopes an hour, Then filling all the envelopes as another job, later - which took about another hour of moving around to find the correct products. So for her 127 orders, it would probably take about 6/7 hours, seeing as she's never done it before. Does anyone think either of these 2 lazy bitches are capable of nearly a full day of work? I have a funny feeling most of these orders will be 'lost' in the mail. Then the disgruntled customers will be labelled as haydurs. A fool and their money are easily parted. Serves them right.
Also, the way she phrased it, she didn't just go on Amazon to get your basic shipping supplies. No, it was an excuse for a shopping spree so she could have kyuuute packaging.

If only she remembered she had ten thousand dollars worth of stickers collecting dust in a bin somewhere that she could use to dekkarate the orders... Though maybe that's the collection she'll be selling off next. What do you think, five bucks a sheet for dollar store stickers?

Anyway. This shit takes time and even with her and Becky's years of experience with coloring books, it'll take her days to write "lesbian" in four colors and stamp a kissy face on the packaging before she sends it off.

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The expenses column would also need to reflect how much she paid for each item, and the shipping she paid for it. I recall one vid where she ordered a single pair of earrings and showed how big the bag was (that they were mailed in) versus that pair. Nobody is going to pay the shipping for you if you're buying one measly pair of earrings.

The most unrealistic part here is that she packed, wrote an adress on an envelope and shipped up to 200 pairs.
Guessing people bought packs of 5 or maybe more then one pair still means something like 80 envelopes she had to prepare?
Just kidding, we know Becky has earned a new chore but if they really did send them all out they put more work in it that I'd ever imagined.

I cannot believe that this biiiich is sooooo boring that, all we have to sperg about is the price of her tacky, plastic, womart, smelly earrings!
wake me up when she shows layggggs or finds a new butler! 🤪
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Not even Walmart many of those earring come from shein and Ali express 2 dollar specials metals unknown.

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Fucking great catch by who ever the fuck this is. 20210526_080215.jpg20210526_080230.jpg