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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Just getting Becky her covid vax, guise. Of course our dainty gorl can't sacrifice her body to the scary fauci ouchie. She might get a fever and that would literally kill her.
Becky's 2ns shot is in June. I'm sure we'll get some kind of wailing post about how skeered she is of the covid vax, like a dumbass.

you guys are pathetic. imagine being so obsessed with someone you don't wish her well at the hospital.
Eh, fuck her.

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you guys are pathetic. imagine being so obsessed with someone you don't wish her well at the hospital.
Oh my! Let me clutch my pearls and be worried!

You're new here, right? That's the only acceptable answer. Otherwise, welcome to neg rated oblivion. These two fucks, for more years than I even know, have been destroying themselves (literally) as some sort of Internet freakshow. The fact anybody gives one iota of fuck about them is beyond me.

Let'em die happy, at least. The rest? Meh.

Making "send good vibes" posts with no follow up is blatant attention seeking. But she'll make the argument she needs to turn a profit and sharing dx is $$$ sigh, I don't want to be a dick but I hate when people use a trip to the hospital to toy with people's emotions. I am so over her and I'm questioning why I stop by here at least once or twice day to check up on her.

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Otherwise, welcome to neg rated oblivion.
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I call shenanigans
Meh, she's just there for a professional degreasing...
My guess is her standard post hysterectomy oncology followup. Three monthly for two years and six monthly for the following three years. No biggie for most (although people do tend to stress over these awaiting results), but for virgin ALR I'm sure the internal exam is very anxiety inducing. No well wishes from me, but I guarantee another weight lecture for her regardless of what reason she's there, because she's achieved nothing but weightgain since her surgery and her excuses aren't going to wash with actual medically trained professionals.

Why does being ''ill'' or visiting the hospital mean people have to feel sudden sympathy for a pair of useless sacks of shit with horrific personalities?

I can't go and kick an old man in the face, visit the ER and expect people to be nice to me BECAUSE I'm in the ER. I'd still be the dickhead that kicked an old man in the face.
This is like when her Haydurz suddenly started being nice when she told everyone about her cancer, it's flakey and disingenuous. She's a fuck, no-one cares if she's ill.

Sargon of ACAB
Becky has been slacking off. Can't hose her down in the backyard anymore. Good luck stuffing The Shelf™ in to that little shower in the apartment.
I wonder if her fat would go all bonsai-kitty and just remain the shape of the shower interior (complete with a permanent indentation where the faucet had been - an ideal cubby for stashing some later-Funyuns, no?).