Amberlynn Universe 2020 Predictions - What will happen in 2020 to our gorl, her thumb butler, her effeminate roomates, her pets, and the haydurs?

Select the options you predict are HIGHLY LIKELY (>75% chance) to occur in 2020.

  • Amber becomes mostly bedbound, continues gaining weight

    Votes: 263 73.3%
  • Amber follows a diet, sticks to it, loses weight, increases her mobility and strength capabilities

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Confirmed weight in over 650 lbs

    Votes: 67 18.7%
  • Confirmed weigh in over 600 lbs

    Votes: 232 64.6%
  • Confirmed weigh in under 500 lbs

    Votes: 4 1.1%
  • Amber and Becky break up

    Votes: 110 30.6%
  • Amber and Becky stay together

    Votes: 126 35.1%
  • Ricky and Eric move out of the shanty

    Votes: 105 29.2%
  • Ricky and Eric stay in the shanty

    Votes: 98 27.3%
  • Eric continues improving his life

    Votes: 78 21.7%
  • Eric stagnates or loses progress

    Votes: 102 28.4%
  • Nothing major happens with Twinkie or she loses weight and gets better

    Votes: 73 20.3%
  • Twinkie dies or becomes seriously ill

    Votes: 137 38.2%
  • Becky gets grumpier and meaner

    Votes: 183 51.0%
  • Becky gets a positive attitude

    Votes: 5 1.4%
  • Becky loses weight

    Votes: 122 34.0%
  • Becky gains weight

    Votes: 70 19.5%
  • Reddit refugees find a new home to post their Torrid OOTD

    Votes: 93 25.9%
  • Reddit refugees wander the internet wilderness, never finding a home

    Votes: 102 28.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Fattest Among Thousands, Altogether Lethargic
Amber will not lose weight.
Becky's family will latch onto Becky even tighter now that she's on meds that might make her easier to brainwash, so they can get more of Amber's money in their pockets.
Eric will pretend that the worst thing happening around him is his hair being frizzy.
Rickie will keep being Rickie.
Wasabi will continue being done with Amber's shit.


Local Moderator
True & Honest Fan
She will continue to post nothingburger videos with clickbait titles.
She will buy a shitload more Torrid tarps and the Reddit/FB cows will continue to post pictures of themselves in the same clothes "but see I'm not as fat as her!"
She will buy more makeup, more journals, more candles, and more water bottles.
She will continue torturing her 5+ year old bra.
She will seethe with jealousy over the Slaton's TV show.
She will continue to ignore Charlie Gold and any weight loss challenges she tries to bait her into.
More ducklips, more eyefucking, more "I know what works for me!"


She not doing Diets yet she working on her mind
She’ll hit 600 pounds. Who knows when she’ll admit it. The health problems will continue and get worse.

Becky will stay because what other choice does she have?

Twinkie is considered a senior dog after 7 years, so health complications are going to get worse. The vet tech did try to warn AssholeLynn that the extra weight would cause heart problems. Thank god she took that about as seriously as she does everything else.

That car is likely on its last legs. New car vlog probably very soon.

Can you imagine going to buy a cheap used car and you find that thing? As you open the door, the scent of sweat and bacteria mixed with Febreeze hits your nostrils, the car leans to the right side, the brakes are shot, and the transmission makes a constant grinding noise. Better to just burn the whole vehicle.
  • Norma's tiddy cancer will worsen causing Becky to go either batshit insane or full zombie (zombecky?)
  • Eric accidentally runs over Twinkie Storr in the driveway while primping his man-bun in the rear-view mirror
  • Amberlynn falls over in public and can't get up necessitating an ambulance trip to the ER, The whole ordeal is secretly filmed by someone who gloriously posts it online.
  • Amberlynn becomes immobile and buys a scooter and a wheelchair


Not enough fatties to watch.
I predict she'll get rid of the living cat decor and use the excuse she's allergic to do so. Poor babies.

With YouTube becoming more of a dictator, I bet she's going to run into trouble with her channel somehow. Enough speds reporting it or something.

Finally, I predict the diabeetus.
In 2020, we can expect more apologies for her awful lighting that she will do nothing to fix or improve. Her absolute butchering of the English language will continue. She'll say things like, "Ima be honest. I looked outside today and the grey sky was deciphering my mental" which can be roughly translated as "I woke up in a bad mood." Becky will be fully catatonic by mid-Feb and still operating a vehicle. Eric will come out of the closet again--not as a gay man, but as a 3 year old female child with an extensive collection of new rompers.


The Octoroon Child of Brittany Venti & Null
True & Honest Fan
  • Amber has a scary situation fall
  • Becky gets white gorl wasted on camera
  • Kentucky Lesbian Mafia paypig orgy
  • Eric and Rickie throw iotas of shade periodically plus dainty angles
  • More UTIs, cellulitis, BP issues, Blood sugar problems
  • Eye crust, perma-scratches
  • Twinkie Stor illness
  • Lymphedema boogaloo 2
  • 600 lbs reveal
  • Moomoo haul, custom made
  • More people record AL in public


Phthalo green is a basic bitch.
True & Honest Fan
  • LiarLynn will fess up to being over 600 pounds, but only once she's about to actually top 700.
  • At some point during the year one of her many health issues will take a major turn for the worse and she will end up being hospitalized for an extended period. She will lose 20+ pounds as a result of said hospitalization/being too ill to stuff her face 24/7, and will proudly boast about said weight loss as though it were an achievement on her part.
  • She will gain all the weight back she lost within three months, tops.
  • Twinkie will die due to complications from morbid obesity. :heart-empty:
  • CryingLynn will make a big deal about how OMG SAD she is about her beloved TWEENKEE STOORRRR being gone, while refusing to accept responsibility for her neglect cutting her pet's life short.
  • Beggy will crash the car and total it, forcing GenerousLynn to buy her enabutler a new vehicle to fetch her fast food with (assuming Beggy survives the crash).
  • SwollenLynn will start losing toes to the beetus, and become completely bedbound shortly thereafter.
  • Rickie and Eric will see the writing on the walls and move out rather than stay in the house and have to deal with the whale's bloated corpse when she inevitably kicks the bucket.
  • Beggy will stay with her deathfat sugar mama to the end, even though she obviously hates and resents Hamber at this point, because chauffering the lardass around is still easier than getting a real job. However, Hamber will be constantly on the prowl for a new enabutler--one whose own health issues won't get in the way of waiting on Hamber hand and foot like Beggy's have started to--and may end up dumping Beggy as a result.
  • YouTube will start demonetizing more content on its platform, including mukbang channels, in response to increasing pressure from social media blasts, virtue-signalling advertisers and special interest groups. PanicLynn will flip her shit and start begging for binge shekels directly from her viewers via Patreon/GoFundMe.


True & Honest Fan
  • No big diet in 2020. She has no willpower and won't deal with backlash for like 4th-ish year in a row.
  • She will finally admit to being over 600lb.
  • Twinkie will be fine. Boring dog that people overreact over, she's fine.
  • She will stay boring, vague, and unentertaining.

Tastes Like Power

lesbian bed death
Amber’s body is already falling apart. Even with her Vlogmas burst of “see, I can do things!”, the several rounds of antibiotics for a bladder infection (or God knows) indicates her body is wearing out. It won’t take much for her to be bedbound. Once she’s bedbound, the pounds will pile on quickly.

Eric & Rickie will move on from the Amber train eventually, just not sure if it’ll be next year. But Eric has been showing signs of stagnating/regressing already, so I can see this trend continuing through 2020.

And poor Twinkie Storr isn’t long for this world. I don’t have much hope for most of the pets of the fag shanty, tbh.

a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
  • Norma's tiddy cancer will worsen causing Becky to go either batshit insane or full zombie (zombecky?)
  • Eric accidentally runs over Twinkie Storr in the driveway while primping his man-bun in the rear-view mirror
  • Amberlynn falls over in public and can't get up necessitating an ambulance trip to the ER, The whole ordeal is secretly filmed by someone who gloriously posts it online.
  • Amberlynn becomes immobile and buys a scooter and a wheelchair

i think the odds of eric accidentally running over becky in the driveway are much higher. we've seen from amber's tree walking video that twinkie seems to be able to navigate large moving vehicles coming towards her pretty well. i'm not sure if we can say the same for becky at this point.

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