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With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought I might make something festive. This is kind of a fun thread, like "take this picture and do something with it."

Take a picture like this. (or you can take this picture, if you don't watch AL and want in)

It can be from any Amberlynn video. Usually you'll find ham hocks in vlogs, anything where she thinks you're a big enough fucking moron that merely pointing the camera is not enough.

Take a picture from history, the present or the future. Or another dimension, or world! Your imagination is the limit. Then edit the ham hock onto it.

Rules of the thread;

1. You must post a relevant image. Even if you're just replying, and you re-use a ham hock. This is to prevent derailing. It's okay if you suck at Paint or Photoshop, it'll still be better than any of her thumbnails.
2. Title your image, in case others don't get the source material. "Amberlynn Vlogs the Red Wedding," "Amberlynn Vlogs the Big Bang," etc.

3. Does your ham hock have a cat scratch? You will get a winner rating from me!
4. Have fun.

Amberlynn Vlogs 9/11

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Can someone make a Becky/Chris Griffin mashup? I would make it but I'm lazy and on mobile.

Edit: Also someone shoop us a picture of Ricky as an Amish guy working the field or something. I can't help imagining Ricky on Breaking Amish or some shit.

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