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Amberlynn vlogs going to Sizzler.

Btw, this movie is called Carpool and it is amazing and if anyone has seen the end of it with Tom Arnold's mom going to Sizzler it is basically a glimpse into Big AL's future.
Amberlynn stumbles down a hill and rolls all the way past New Mexico. She vlogged, though. So there's that.

Pray she doesn't discover the cheese toast. Everyone hates that cunt that takes six servings of the shit back to their table.


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Amberlynn Vlogs Saving The Children View attachment 310971 (sorry for all the dotted lines, my first attempt at photo editing and I got frustrated, downloaded gimpy just for this)
She'd steal the nosebag out from under the starving kiddies

(Late, yes, i know. Still catching up.)

Can't photoshop. Howabout Al vlogs the Big Bang complete with pic of her exploding?
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