Amberlynn's Ankle Rolls - A gallery for hoof and ankle sightings and such...

How does Amber clean her ankle rolls?

  • Becky does it

    Votes: 74 8.7%
  • She doesn't

    Votes: 529 62.1%
  • Destiny drives over and does it every month or so

    Votes: 122 14.3%
  • With a sponge on a stick

    Votes: 127 14.9%

  • Total voters


Bora Bora Eat Some More-a
She has mentioned she only owns four pairs of shoes, two of which are ballet flats and one are those white sneakers from her nursing home job. She does not own Uggs or anything like them. I doubt those would even fit around her ankle. She doesn't even wear socks. Her feet must freeze, but she only goes from a car to the store, so I guess it doesn't matter.

*and her feet used to be a size 7 but went up to a 9 with the weight gain.

Edit: one pair of black ballet flats, one pair of floral, and one pair of navy blue

Edit for 2018: The last pair of shoes AL bought was a pair of size 10 sketchers sneakers, which she says are too big on her.
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