Amberlynn's Ankle Rolls - A gallery for hoof and ankle sightings and such...

How does Amber clean her ankle rolls?

  • Becky does it

    Votes: 92 8.8%
  • She doesn't

    Votes: 670 64.0%
  • Destiny drives over and does it every month or so

    Votes: 144 13.8%
  • With a sponge on a stick

    Votes: 141 13.5%

  • Total voters

What on God's green earth...
You can't see her foot. Her laaaygs, much like Amber herself, are consuming everything in sight.

And I always thought it would be the beetus that would take her feet....
Nope. Just the lymphedema and fat.
She's progressed to the point that her calf is at least twice as large as her actual foot. I can't comprehend the physics involved in her ambulation.

Big Al's Crusty Sty

Just a fly on the wall.
Ugh. I just got hit with some feels. What fucking agony it must be to just lift those things? Like fuck, dragging those around must be constant pain. Feel kind of bad for her.

*remembers everything from false rape allegations to general Cuntylynn* Nah fuck that bitch.

I feel bad too. If only there was something she could do about it. :thinking:

From the newest ER video
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I know we can just barely see her hoof here, but there is still something viscerally off-putting about it. It literally looks like a pig's trotter. We've only seen her nasty toes a couple of times much to the chagrin of most people who want to see her standing on the scale when weighing, but I could go my whole life without seeing those hooves.

It's the layyyyyyggggsss we want Hamber. Give us the layyygggggs!!!!

From HOUSE TOUR | DECLUTTERING. The fuck is wrong with her big toe?
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Honestly, it's a medical miracle that those dainty hooves can even support her weight anymore. She can't have a very large foot. At her height I'd say she's a size 7 (I mean the actual bone structure apart from the fat making it a size 11). Those hooves can't keep going for too much longer. Every step has to be painful. I wonder why she films herself walking. While I immensely enjoy hoof sightings, she has to know it's disgusting.