Amberlynn's Ankle Rolls - A gallery for hoof and ankle sightings and such...

How does Amber clean her ankle rolls?

  • Becky does it

    Votes: 97 8.7%
  • She doesn't

    Votes: 715 64.5%
  • Destiny drives over and does it every month or so

    Votes: 151 13.6%
  • With a sponge on a stick

    Votes: 146 13.2%

  • Total voters

Francis Dollarhyde

And the woman, clothed in the sun.
Amber is truly an idiot if she doesn’t realize how much Adsense money she would make it she just showed her fucking legs.
She could first try and mïlk it for all nasty feeders will pay for it on Manyvids. Then offer it on Pornhub and ask $ for downloads. Only after those generate no more income post on YT for adsense money.

Concerned Vagino-American

I worked the camera while Kasey raped Amberlynn.
I seldom feel so much as a twinge of sympathy for AL, but Jesus Christ her feet look so painfully swollen...
She mocked every person who tried to help her in the cuntiest way possible while shoveling junk food into her mouth on camera. Mother Theresa would have called Amber a gaping cunt.