Amberlynn's Ankle Rolls - A gallery for hoof and ankle sightings and such...

How does Amber clean her ankle rolls?

  • Becky does it

    Votes: 97 8.7%
  • She doesn't

    Votes: 715 64.5%
  • Destiny drives over and does it every month or so

    Votes: 151 13.6%
  • With a sponge on a stick

    Votes: 146 13.2%

  • Total voters


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This video has lots of foot shots and full body views. Destiny's sister is graduating and AL is tagging along for the festivities. It includes such special moments as AL not being able to push a luggage cart, making fun of Destiny's filming skills, Destiny's mom, Mendy, not wanting AL in the family picture, and AL having Destiny carry her stretched to oblivion ballet flats.
Click back to this 2017 post. Early footsie creepshots show them trotters pink and hulthy-colored. 2019's are all corpse-white. Skin ulcer saga when?

No boo boo, that's SKIN. If you zoom in on that picture, you can see a faint skin crease where the fat bulges into two lumps. It is that white.
Bloody hell. And here I was, wondering whether this was just her version of the 'socks in slippers' trend. I've seen corpses with better skin tone than that. Then again, big AL is halfway there already, so I reckon it makes sense...