Amberlynn's Ankle Rolls - A gallery for hoof and ankle sightings and such...

How does Amber clean her ankle rolls?

  • Becky does it

    Votes: 133 10.1%
  • She doesn't

    Votes: 843 64.2%
  • Destiny drives over and does it every month or so

    Votes: 168 12.8%
  • With a sponge on a stick

    Votes: 169 12.9%

  • Total voters


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You'd think they'd scrape against the floor and be painful. Maybe she doesn't notice.
She doesn't walk like a normal human, though. She has to hitch her layyrgs out from the hip to waddle. The ankle rolls don't rub against the floor. There was a sped up clip somewhere showing her walk and it was trippy.


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From @Bicassie
Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 3.58.50 PM.png

Video "I'm so mad at myself"


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It's bizarre as hell!
Look how her feet are pointed outward.
No wonder she doesn't wear other shoes. Pretty soon she'll be like that lady on MSHPL who can't wear shoes at all.
I can't stop staring. :cryblood:
I’m amazed she can walk. Those poor feet.

-this is terrible, but I was watching that clip of her walking, and for a split second actually smelled how terrible she must smell.
The mind is amazing, to bring up a memory of how a morbidly obese patient smells ( who has poor hygiene) while watching a clip of someone who has the same issues.


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She mentioned on Eric's live the other day about her feet stinking. They had a whole conversation about it. And this was the day she had those sneakers on she never wears.
She probably has so many different smells of funk coming from different areas of her body. There's no way she can't.

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how dare she lie and claim her feet are baby soft when we know damn well she cant reach and groom them? we know they're calloused and crusty booboo
Callouses indicate that someone walks around barefoot a lot. Usually outside on rocks and stuff. I'm reminded of the phrase "country girl feet." If she has callouses, they're between her toes from rubbing together in ill fitting shoes, and that's it. She is not what I would call a great walker. Or even a great stander.


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Waddling with her feet pointed out.
Imagine how destroyed her joints are.
She will die morbidly obese because she knows nothing else.
She's too much of a glutton. She's too ignorant and narciccistic. She won't get the help she needs because in her mind she's this dainty lass who can fix her problems herself.
And she fails every time.

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