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I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
Quoted in the socia media thread, but this gave me a horrifying idea....
might she abuse/imply abuse her animals in a way to regarner sympathy and attention?
amy turns the camera away before smacking her daughter. amber could stage something like that and pretend twinkie was getting into her food.
this is very speculative, but if she doesnt step up, others like chantal or any will monopolize the attention away from her.
No I doubt it. If she wanted to cause a stir she would show her legs or eat mcondalds and burger king daily on her channel. But do I think she hits her animals off camera or when no ones around?-yes. Shes already mad that she has rarity and wasabi at all.

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In the latest video (food & anxiety) two of the house's dogs jump on wherever Amber's sitting for attention. Twinkie stays on the ground and whines, despite Amber inviting her up as well. It could be dumbass jealous pet behavior, but is it possible Twinkie can't heft herself up on a couch anymore?
Bit of a PL but my chihuahua sometimes just sits there and cries instead of jumping up to things she can easily reach, so it could just be chihuahua whining.

But then again, remember ALRs video when Twinkie was in so much pain she couldn't even jump on her mattress ON THE FLOOR so I'm thinking it could be something way worse then even her weight.

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Twinkie stays on the ground and whines, despite Amber inviting her up as well.
I hope this ain't too petty, but if I have a dog with a history of finding jumping up on things to be difficult, I wouldn't encourage them to do so. Whether its weight or arthritis, I dont think small dogs of her age or size should be put at risk of missing the jump or falling and then hurting their legs. Just my two cents. It's small proof to me that shes a dumbass or she gives no fucks about the dog.