Amberlyn's pets -


I saw a Hippo (Owen) make friends with a tortoise (Mzee) on a wildlife documentary once. Unfortunately Owen grew too large to safely interact with Mzee and they had to be separated. Becoming a fat bastard requires sacrifice.

It wasn't posted yet, but in 9-3-19 video she shows that Twinkie's food is the Chicken and Pea formula by Pure Balance. Dog Food Advisor is a privately run website that rates foods on nutritional value and ingredients. It has an average rating, so for once Amber wasn't completely fucking up on something.
I hadn't seen this posted in this thread either, but in her "house tour" from July, she shows that in the garbage from de-cluttering is a bunch of cat stuff.
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Now they don't have anything we know of to scratch on because our gorl had to put her torrid racks there. How sweet of her.
On the one hand, I hope the cats claw the shit out of her furniture because she'll deserve it. On the other hand, she'll just put the blame entirely on the cats and possibly punish them for it in whichever way her demented little brain deems fair, so hopefully not. Goes to show how much she cares about the cats.

Normally I think people really overreact about her cats but it does seem weird that she has seemingly gotten rid of all their stuff even their little cardboard with ball-chase around the rim thingy. Like why.

Maybe she could "haul" some new stuff for them instead of 15 more journals for herself?

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