Amber's finances - assumptions galore

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What if Amber used a teaching hospital or university hospital - would it be cheaper or free - ?
Even the university-affiliated hospital in my area wants you to pay *something*. But they can and do get patients treated after going through their financial aid request, via federal subsidies. But, since Big Al has claimed to make a lot of money (and probably does), when they look at her documentation - if she isn't too fucking lazy to put together the paperwork - they would want her to front cash for some portion of the cost for what the expected treatment/procedures would be.

It’s important to remember that AL is an anomaly in that she has done everything possible to avoid having medical insurance or maintain the possibility of getting it in the future. I’m struggling to come up with a good metaphor for her behavior, but it’s bizarre.
Big Al gets a ticket every night for parking on the street between two signs that say "no parking by hydrant". People suggest, repeatedly, that she just go to the parking garage right past that no parking zone and pay for parking there instead of having to pay out all the time for those tickets (and all the shit she's bought). She smugly, and repeatedly, tells people that she could do bolth, pay for her tickets and crap she's bought AND pay for garage parking. But she keeps parking there on the street, and keeps getting tickets. Then one day, the fire department has to break the windows in her car to hook up to the hydrant to battle a fire across the street. Water everywhere inside, windows broken - tsk, the car's a wreck. Guess she should have listened to people and just paid for parking in the garage after all.

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The insurance company proposed to him, which he accepted, to have the surgery done in India.
If Amber goes to India for treatment, she'll be worshipped in a field. She'll finally get all the attention she so desperately craves.

If (big if) Amber has cancer, she will do what she does in all facets of her life- the bare minimum. She'll set up a payment plan, get treatment etc .. then bail on the bills the second treatment is finished and hope they don't catch up to her.

Amber’s period hole

Point blank period hole.
And it could have been prevented if she, oh I don’t know, PURCHASED INSURANCE. She easily could have done that. Oh well, I guess eating and hauls were more important.
I remember one comment of the day said this exactly, that instead of $500 Torrid hauls she should buy insurance. Amber’s response was “it doesn’t need to be one or the other, I can do bolth”. And yet, she only did the Torrid hauls.

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No one, nobody is left to die! There are community/statec hospitals who treat the uninsured. People like the homeless, who have no money, no ID, etc. I read an article - I’ll see if I can find it,-about a woman like that with kidney cancer. She was treated. It was slow, it took longer for her to get on whatever programs there are, but it is ILLEGAL for a hospital not to treat a patient and it always has been.

Amber presumably has money and an income. That will prevent her going to charity hospitals-until it’s gone. Then she can, or by then she can join an exchange. Because she has money, she will certainly pay, probably everything in the bank and anything of value she owns. But she’ll get treatment.

I think because our insurance rules seem complicated (they aren’t really) this notion of people going untreated took hold. And, a President got elected by lying about it. But it’s not true. If they aren’t treated it’s because they don’t know where to go and haven’t tried. Nobody dies of cancer in this country untreated unless they want to. Chance Carmichael, one of our deathfats, didn’t have insurance (although he lied a few times) and he had long hospital stays, with dieticians, PT, home health.

Amber is vague on her disease. But assuming she has the most common type of cancer, it’s slowgrowing and stage 1. (70% of people with her cancer have that).

if she can, she can do case pay and call hospitals and cancer centers and get different price structures and negotiate. She’s not smart enough, but she could.

The best thing for her would be some hormonal medication to slow it down further, then get on one of the exchanges (Obamacare) in November. January she’ll be able to have treatment and since 2014 they can’t take pre-existing conditions into account. From now until January she should be losing weight so when Jan. Comes around she can safely have surgery. That’s what a smart person would do. She’s not smart, but with dedication she could get down to 300 lbs by January.

She’ll have to play the odds that she has an easy stage 1, because if cancer is into her uterine muscle wall or lymph’s she should have it our faster, or if her histology shows it’s more dangerous. But that isn’t known until after surgery (except histology) One clue is it’s grade 2, if she got that right. That means she maybe could wait safely.

Either way, she’ll get treatment.

But I honestly hope this wipes her out. That is mean, but I remember her flashing $1500 in cash at the same time as being coy about insurance. That money probably went to candles, earrings, snap backs and junk food. That maybe could have paid for a few months or more of insurance (I don’t know Kentucky’s prices) but while I can’t wish death on anybody, I can wish for a little financial justice.

it took a tremendous amount of hubris for a 500 lb women who had money to ignore her health. But she won’t die.
Can doctors choose what treatment a patient gets based on how much money the patient has? Like, instead of a treatment that does a better job of palliating symptoms and increases their lifespan, would an America doctor give them an inferior treatment?