Amber's finances - assumptions galore

Wait ... what? AL has medical expenses? Since when? And her student loans weren't forgiven from that crap university?

Would the $10,000 be for the year? Maybe it goes by every 4 or 6 months? The bills could be credit card bills from spending at Walmart and going out to eat. Just more over 500 pounds her health should be the #1 priority. She'll be dead before she finishes paying off any medical bills or student loans.


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Tbf she probably needs to buy like a shitton of medication to keep her body functioning.
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.28.41 PM.png

Not sure what her dose is, but she could probably get health insurance for not much more than the price of her meds.

She's so far gone, she should just blow the wad on 3 plane seats to Bora Bora so she can have one last hurrah before it's too late.


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Not sure what her dose is, but she could probably get health insurance for not much more than the price of her meds.

She's so far gone, she should just blow the wad on 3 plane seats to Bora Bora so she can have one last hurrah before it's too late.
Lexapro = escitalopram. You can get 30 tablets of the generic for about $10 /w good rx


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The only medical expenses I can think of (other than her current blood work she had this year) are from years of abusing the ER. Her and Destiny frequented the ER when they were together. She has never mentioned having medical bills until now, though.

Edit: Oh, and she's possibly helping Becky pay off the medical expenses from her ankle injury.

And I thought giving somebody a car for Christmas was dumb as shit, but a credit card?

So you're basically giving somebody the chance to ruin your credit forever for Christmas?

If I'm not mistaken this was just said in passing by Rafe on YouNow. I don't think she's credible to begin with, but aside from that it could have easily been a misunderstanding on her part or something like one of those Visa gift cards. I have a really hard time believing that Destiny would give Amber a credit card. Especially when they had been broken up for a long time.

^ fuck, ninja'd while I was typing up the transcript!

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Ok, hayders, Amber totes makes six figures. You heard it here first.
I'm naive about YouTube earnings but I figured they were like you were a paid contractor. That the person receiving the money would have to either pay quarterly taxes or save up and pay in one chunk. YT doesn't seem like an employer where you get a W2 and they've done all the withholding for you. Going with my assumption, Amber doesn't strike me as a saver, even to pay in quarterly.

I don't for one second believe she has paid anything on her student loans.

Also, what doctor/therapist/hospital crap? She claims she just called a therapist. They don't charge for making an appointment. Her online correspondence with Dr. Musical is probably free. Does that mean she been carrying around debt, likely in the form of debt collection? Her and Destiny did seem to like going to the ER but that's been awhile now.

Not buying any of that until she shares a bank statement. But keep dreaming, Ambs.
For the record yes, youtubers are independent contractors and do not have anyone withholding from their checks. It is the youtuber's responsibility to claim income and pay taxes on said income.

Also, just in case the image gets lost, here's a transcript (I don't think you can archive IG posts):
Do you really make $10,000 per month and can't afford weight loss surgery?
I make that amount or more than that. A huge chunk of it goes to taxes, college debt, hospital / therapist / doctor crap, and bills. Of course I could pay for weight loss surgery if I saved up for years but weight loss surgery isn't for everyone. I think that's where people get confused. Just because you're super morbidly obese doesn't mean weight loss surgery is a good fit for you. For someone like me, I eat the way I do because it's mental--not because I'm hungry all the time. Shrinking my stomach isn't what I need. A therapist is what I need and I finally took the plunge and got one. I'm proud of myself.
[/end transcript]
Saved up for years? If you make more than 10K a month it would only take like two and a half months to have enough for the surgery. :thinking:

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