Amber's Sad Sad Tears - Her tears sustain me

From your car, you witness Amber and Walmart Taxi accidentally drive off a bridge, what do you do?

  • Continue to drive.

  • Keep on driving.

  • Just drive on.

  • Pull over and watch the bubbles.

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*sobs in dovahzul*
Long time lurker, first time.... blah blah blah

That’s from the “A fat girls cry for help video” , where she claims she cannot eat less carbs because “carbs is what sends oxygen to your brain” 🤨

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all its missing its one of those famous bows on her head and she completes the toddles tantrum look

Serial Grapist

Bitch, I like grapes 🍇
Easily one of my favorite Hamber moments ever. Hands down. It has it all. Make up, choker, nails, guilting Dusty, self-flagellation, getting drunk on Arbor Mist. I could not ask for more than this video.
Oh yeah, how could I forget LonelyLynn (acting?) drunk on cheap wine, live on younow and crying down the phone to Destiny on Valentine’s Day. Good times.


Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
Eric is too smart to spill tea
Our only hope is Rafe but I think she's too scared to spill tea.
Oooh okay. These two have me curious as to your thought process, gorl.
Eric is messy, snitty, and a backbiting little bitch. He has had no problems so far in the entire 2 years that Big Ham has lived under the same roof as him sneaking little full-body shots into his vlogs, shading her to her face on camera, and putting sarcastic photos/captions onto his Snapchat. He is also, of course, the Orchestrator of the "Putting the Ex Girlfriend's soiled Period Panties Online" incident (along with telling the story in a vlog with Necky.)
Rafe has also spilled plenty of tea about Hamber in the past on YouNow, so I personally would have thought that if she talked mad shit before, what would stop her from doing it again?
The only one that I for sure agree with you on is Rickie. He is a pretty kind, solid guy and seems loyal. Necky, however, is a dumbass and just follows along with whatever anybody else tells her to do. I think it's why she talked shit about Period-Panties with Eric the first time around. So imo she would probably follow Eric again if he spilled tea on Amber for clicks.

Curious to hear your opinion - what's got you thinking that everyone in the Kentucky Gay Daycare for Speds will all collectively keep their mouths shut about Big Ham?

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