Amber's Tik Tok Archive, May 2020 - Amberlynn deleted her TikTok account (curvycaloriies)


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On May 19, 2020 Amberlynn deleted her TikTok videos, but Kiwi Farms remembers...

RIP Curvycaloriies
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"Life is suffering"
Well she can cross that off her list, I wonder what cringy outdated social media trend she’ll try now....spicy noodle videos? satisfying videos? pranking my girlfriend videos?
i legit hope she stays mad for a while. its been such a pleasure seeing that thinly disguised look of pure anger on her face.
absolutely priceless.

it seems she will continue to do clickbait shit until her "drama viewers" get bored and move on to lolcows new.
then inevitably she'll do some ranty buzz word riddled attempt to appeal to the fat acceptance movement wich seems she is doing more and more as time goes on.
then i suppose its time for some woe is me wich im looking forward too.

Post scriptum;

seeing her upload spree she is milking the situation as much as she can before her hype dies down
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She legit thinks she's hot shit and she's still confused as to why no one buys her "uwu I'm insecure I hate the way I look" sympathy bait?
I've never seen someone who believes they're sexy and pretty while looking like a human abomination more than ALR (well, maybe onision too)

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Or is this old new? I'm behind.
Everyone is behind, because she loaded videos in such a time warp nobody can keep it straight. In fact, I think that's why she dumped TikTok - it let people figure out how back-asswards her video uploads were.

Hell, I'm a sperg 1,000 miles away and I was ready to pull out the calendar to note which clothes, hairstyle, etc., she had on to try to keep it straight.

But now the miracle of her TikTok is gone, and all we have is her word for the timing of things. Trust, booboo.

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I’m surprised she didn’t delete when people started using it to gauge when she had recorded things vs when she posted them.

realistically did it do anything for her? Like I’m sure she had visions of being a TikTok star but her views prob all came from haydurs and her comments/duets were off anyways
I'd say this is why she deleted it to try and hide the discrepancies she was just too stupid to realize people had caught on until AP put up her timeline video. Too bad Hamber, we never forget.