American Dad Appreciation Thread - Good Morning USA!


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New episodes start airing 4/13, so I figured I'd start a thread.

American Dad! is an animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman. It focuses on CIA agent Stan Smith and his family: ditzy wife Francine, slacktivist daughter Hayley, and nerdy son Steve. There's also Roger, the sociopathic alien with tons of personas, and Klaus Heissler, a former East German Olympic skier who now inhabits the body of a goldfish.

The show started out as a "political" retread of Family Guy, but thanks to Barker and Weitzman, it became a delightfully absurd and hilarious show.

My favorite characters are Hayley, Roger, Steve, Klaus, Toshi, Principal Lewis, and Snot's mom Esther.

Here's one of my favorite scenes:

The Pink Panther

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This show is fucking unadulterated kino. A grand majority of the episodes are fucking great. This show was darker than FG, but it really shined through with its amazing dark humor as well as their absurdist comedy. Every new episode was an exciting adventure into the weird and unusual. Even when Family Guy started to suck, American Dad was still putting out greatness at the end of their Fox run (Season 10 is one of my favorite seasons, season 4 being my overall favorite season). My favorite episode being Bully For Steve from Season 6. Real niggas know what happens in this episode:


The Last Stand

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I think the first couple seasons of American Dad had an identity crisis with Family Guy. They were too similar to each other.

I liked the later seasons of the show. Which is rare for me to appreciate with television. It's more down to Earth with its cartoon mechanics while incorporating sitcom tropes. It's actually decent writing.

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Roger is the best at what he does, and what he does is being the worst. He's deranged and it's awesome. Rogu cracks me up, too.

Funny thing is, I can't stand Family Guy. Its humor is stale as fuck and never worked for me. However, I've always enjoyed American dad, even if some recent episodes have been a bit boring and uninspired.

I normally don't like it when they shoehorn politics into TV shows, nor do I like shows that are based on politics, but in American Dad, it works, and it feels so organic.
Because it was polical satire from the et-go. Stan was supposed to be a jingoistic, nutty CIA agent in the aftermath of the 9/11. You get some sloppy political sperging from time to time, but the overall satirical content is still good.
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