Science American Psychological Association links 'masculinity ideology' to homophobia, misogynyWe're reaching levels of soy that shouldn't even be possible

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Ahriman, Jan 10, 2019.

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  1. Source.
    Just wait until they start tackling what "toxic femininity" is... that is gonna be fun.
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    Ahriman Vivere Militare Est.

  2. They're right. Old masculinity is bad. We need good masculinity like putting teenage girls on testosterone.
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  3. What’s their solution? What people define as masculine is pretty much a universal thing that is ingrained biologically. No matter how much you try to stifle it, there will always be men that are competitive, risk-taking, with instincts to provide and protect. Also, what does the APA make of very masculine gay men? Are they homophobic too for displaying traditionally masculine traits? Masculinity isn’t a negative thing. It only becomes negative based on actions, which frankly, anyone and everyone is guilty of.
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    JambledUpWords Gorl who loves orange chicken

  4. So this is basically an ideological report that uses motivated reasoning and gender studies bullshitting in order to manufacture an absurd narrative that:

    A. There is a thing called "traditional masculinity ideology"...


    B. That "traditional masculinity ideology" is necessarily bad and is the cause of many problems in society.

    The fact that the American Psychological Association, the leading scientific and professional organization of psychologists in the United States according to themselves and no one else, is producing such ideologue bilge, is not a testament to any truth value in the report but rather how far gender studies concepts have infected the "soft sciences" of academia.
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    #4 Iwasamwillbe, Jan 10, 2019
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    Iwasamwillbe The Ground of Being

  5. But some of the biggest gays I know hit the gym and participate in "toxic masculinity".
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  6. And now the clickbait sites come in with their scorching hot takes on the matter:

    Archived because fuck Jezebel:

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    Iwasamwillbe The Ground of Being

  7. The APA needs to grow some fucking balls on this issue and stop letting ideology dictate psychological treatment.
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    Senior Lexmechanic

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  8. Don’t say that. Saying someone “needs to grow some balls” is a phrase that derived from toxic masculine behavior between biological men.

    -APA probably
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    JambledUpWords Gorl who loves orange chicken

  9. Well, the modern education system is designed to educate girls, with female personality traits like agreeableness and deference to authority being rewarded, and masculine traits like competitiveness and defiance of authority being harshly punished. Its not surprising masculine personalities "hold men back".
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  10. That thread from earlier about two women groping a troon may be the start.
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  11. Fucking. Note: They do not say "more likely to CAUSE partner violence"

    More likely to be arrested and charged with it.

    So what fucking part of that is masculinity's fault?
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  12. More to the point, those are the things one needs to be more than a corporate drone or disposable servant in a capitalist economy such as ours. Truly successful, innovative people--men and women alike, in any field from science to business to the arts--are always risk-takers, paradigm-questioners, aggressive and confident.

    IOW, "we must eliminate toxic masculinity" is just another way of saying "we must hobble young men and women, and break their spirit, so that they can never rise above their appointed station in our meticulously planned post-human utopia."

    There's a reason why an employer can't require someone to disclose their arrest record, only their convictions, and that's because being arrested for something doesn't mean you did it, or that anything was done at all.
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    Vorhtbame Knife control now!

  13. Fuck John Money.
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    Cake Farts

    Cake Farts Down under? More like six feet down under.

  14. I have just accepted that life is just a big joke, this is the kind of stuff you would read in a novel, like brave new world or farenheit, yet we are here living it.
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  15. Why does everything have to be one extreme or the other these days? Why do we have to go from ultramasculine, traditionalist stuff like bullying any boy who cries or shows any weakness to this sort of feminist, misandrist garbage? Pretty ridiculous, this will just make the few men who break through this shit be even more successful and shine even brighter. And these people and their masters (global elite) who are pushing this shit better hope it's a nice, forgiving person and not Hitler 2.0.
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  16. Oh, and blacks are more likely to get arrested and be raised without father. But somehow saying it is racist while media mock whole gender
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  17. While that is true, there are more men that risk-take compared to women. That’s why we see more men that are CEOs, in the military, and in dangerous jobs like mining and construction. I wasn’t saying that women don’t risk-take, it’s just that on average, men risk-take more often
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    JambledUpWords Gorl who loves orange chicken

  18. I think some of it has more to do with women being substantially physically weaker than men on average to be fair.
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    Your Weird Fetish

    Your Weird Fetish Intersectional fetishist

  19. I wonder how they're going to get their cuckold fetish rocks off once there are no traditionally masculine men left to fuck their wives.
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