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Mar 29, 2019

This should go over well. Necky hates everything.

Is that a pride hat? Wow the gays have fallen prey to commercialism. They will buy anything with a rainbow. Amber is wearing a shirt that says Human in each of the rainbow colors. I wonder how much they paid for that cheap crap?

I will work on time stamps as usual but:
  • 0:00 Video starts with Amber and Necky saying "hey guyzzee" in sync. I wonder how many takes they went through to get that result.
  • 0:10 Necky is nervous about the snacks because she is picky.
  • 0:20 Hamber opens the box and takes out the instructions which are in Japanese. She stares at the instructions like a caveman staring at fire for the first time. She puts the instructions up to the camera for all to see.
    • Side Note: Where did she order this snack box from? She had to order it from the worst place ever because she is that exceptional. She should have ordered it from the same company the other Tubers order from because you get descriptions in English.
  • 0:40 Amber tells us they are only going to take a nibble of each item. Sure for the camera. We all know as soon as she hits stop record, she is going to Hoover those snacks into her fat face.
  • 0:43 Necky tells us she is too afraid to just bite into something. She has to smell it first. (Insert Amber's stinky snatch joke here).
  • 0:50 She opens the first item, takes a big sniff and giggles as she says This is savory.
  • 0:57 She takes the first bite and chews for a second, stares at a random object across the room, and belts out this high-pitched noise that I would expect a child to make. She really is emotionally stunted.
  • 1:07 Amber hands Necky the snack and said "we're dating if you didn't know". Yes Amber we know that you and Necky look like brother and sister. Thanks for clarifying sis.
  • 1:20 Necky takes the snack into her hooves and smells it while Amber is screaching oh mai gawwwwdddd its like a chip in roll form. Necky takes her first bite and chews with her usual dumbass expression.
  • 1:26 Amber describes them as onion-y and maybe chicken-y. Shd also said that she I'd "living for that" in reference to the snack.
  • Necky's review of this first item is ummmm it tastes like a soft funion.
  • 3:28 she takes a bite of what looks like a big cheeto and says "this is straight up steak" she let's out this high-pitched squeak/squeal and says "or like beef or something". You heard it here first folks steak is not beef.
  • 7:15 She opens a lollipop and scraped it against her nasty ass tongue and then makes one of her dumb stare faces looking at the bottom of the package the lollipop. She then exclaims Cream Soda to which Necky says nuh-uh to which Amber responds DEADASS :story:
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Aug 16, 2018
  • Big Al and Becky try Japanese snacks
  • The first thing they try are these chips in various flavors
  • Al’s favorite flavor is white because it tastes like a Cheeto puff
  • They try these fried chicken flavored puffs
  • Both complain of the food being sometimes bland
  • Unsurprisingly, both enjoy the sweet snacks more
  • They try this gum, which is Becky’s favorite
  • They eat a sucker that it cream soda flavored
  • There are some things you have to mix with water, they save this for part 2
  • They eat these “apps” from a phone shaped candy
  • They eat a chocolate filled marshmallow, this one is a favorite
  • Al is grossed out by powdered beer
  • They eat what looks like a Twinkie. Al says that just because she’s fat doesn’t mean she likes Twinkies
That’s about it. Most of this is monotonous and neither are good at giving adequate explanations or descriptions.
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Feb 21, 2019
Idk she looks questionably chinese to me


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Oct 6, 2016
Look at how happy she is to be eating this stuff. Which I guess good for her, if youre going to be 600 lbs you might as well be enjoying your food, and at least it's new stuff for her instead of another burger king mukbang or "eat turkey sausage with me". Although probably equally as boring because she doesnt have the cognitive capacity or capability to slow down and actually taste the food or try to decide how it tastes. Probably will just be her gut reaction of "I like/dont like this," like how children eat.

If they were in Japan, they would be treated as blubber and used for supplies.

Look at Becky's face in the thumbnail. :story:
I saw that too, it's what got me to look over at how fat and jolly Amber was. Silly faces abound in this thumbnail. Amber's eyes are so pinched by fat you could almost argue she's making an "Im turning Japanese" joke.


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Mar 13, 2019
Anybody else pissed by the fact that she opened every package? Maybe it's just nitpicking because normal people were raised not to just open snack packages before we finish the last one, but did she really have to try different flavors of the same damn snack? It's a chip stick, we don't need to know what every flavor is like. Especially in a crate where there's only one of each.

Jan 12, 2019
Amberlynn can't even wait to eat this shit long enough to offer it to Becky first. At least be polite before sticking your sweaty porkers into the packets.

And they don't even bother trying things that they can't immediately consume the second the wrapper comes off. It'd be a far more interesting watch than seeing a brief glimpse of something beige before it disappears into the void of Amber's stomach. But no, if you have to delay the gratification then it's not worth it.


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Mar 15, 2019
One minute in and I can’t with the squealing and the “it’s Japaneeeeeze”. Will check back in on Friday for quieter depresshunlynn.

Btw, those random assortment boxes usually take about a month to ship, and if this video was recorded like three weeks ago...does that mean *gasp*
Our Amber, who was telling us in April how good she was doing and totally not interested in bingeen or eating unhulthy at all, was actually ordering crates of junk food off-camera? I cannot believe she would just lie to her fans about her progress like this. Truly, I am stunned and betrayed.