AMERICANS TRY TURKISH SNACKS PART 2 - 06/14/2020 - Hiding the "prerecorded" tag in the Description again just for more Trollynn Points.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
It gets so old when people in the comments are like "I cannot believe this amber you arent serious about your health! How could you do this!!" Yeah dude this isn't surprising this is amberlynn. Why are they acting like cancer changes who she is. She still loves money and food nor does she give a shit about what her viewers think. There is a huge chance this is currently filmed,shes just that shitty of a person.

Keyboard Warrior
Amber: "After this, can we go play Mario Kart?"
Becky: "I tHoUgHt I hAd to gO gEt yOuR...."

Had to go.

Oh Becky, you Sweet (but utterly stupid) Summer Child. You don't HAVE to do anything. That continues to be a conscious choice.

It's cute how Amber likes to give her personal caretaker the illusion of choice, knowing full well who calls all the shots in this relationship.



So this is after the boys moved out because they all got hammered Ricki got so pissed off about ALR bleeding out all over the sofa and freaked out on everyone and ALR being so NARC that it couldnt possibly be her fault - and they moved out

That's what I reckon anyway
She said on her “period hole” live that she wouldn’t sit on “Eric and Ricky’s couch” and used her bed and had some towel system she never explains. The boys have dropped off a few times since last year like this. I think they’re just fucking off with normal, non Cunt rot friends.