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I was wondering if and when she would start uploading prerecorded videos.
Let's be fair, it's still better than no news from her, that'd be boring.

Edit to add: that thumbnail though. Amber is okay-ish looking and eye fucking herself while Becks looks about to fall asleep in the middle of a very alive smile.

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Waiting for the archive but if this is similar to her previous "trying weird/new foods" uploads, it reaffirms what I said yesterday on some thread or other... she needs to REALLY be careful which pre-recorded videos she uploads.

Even her most devoted fans will have googled the shit out of endometrial cancer, will know obesity & it's known medical issues raise the risks of endometrial cancer. They know everybody & his dog have been hammering her for years to lose weight. And now we're told she has endometrial cancer... to put it mildly, the optics of this one sucks.

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  • welcum back beck-ee
  • we have turkish munchies y'all
  • nutrishun facts, LOVE
  • do you want to opened it, beck-ee?
  • congratulations, you hav box
  • this look like restaurant menyou
  • if you do not like eat-een, DO NOT WATCH
  • mispronunciation alert (you should put this on every video)
  • snack one: pressels
  • they remind me of cat food
  • there is a weird moment, they are good though
  • snack two: dane-kek potty havoo-kloo tarsin-eelee (this is how she pronounced it, attempting to read turkish)
  • banana bread with cinnamon moment
  • snack three: burger by osmo lenny
  • is a krabby patty
  • actual burger moment but like cookie
  • it tastes like that one cookie, oh wow!
  • like a fudge stripe
  • snack four: ba-lick cracker dah-hah minik balik-lar
  • "im so fat"
  • i HATE goldfish
  • taste like spaghetti-o wasabi soy sauce
  • mixed with tomato
  • snack five: cat-tat a-cock-you-lou fin-dick-kill-it krem-day-le
  • "ive read the bible"
  • raggedy ann looking
  • i DO NOT like messy food
  • beck-ee didnt get any cream :(
  • snack six: oker-crispee-turtikly-silgin-pan-gorillee
  • smells like chip moment
  • 13/10
  • snack seven: nutty max thin dick
  • looks good though
  • snack eight: habes thindick crem-aylay gopher
  • hazlenut and mint
  • its ok
  • i liek hazlenut
  • hazelnut means hay-zill-nut
  • is that a meme?
  • snack eleven: nine kat-tat musloo cremaylay gopher
  • banana flavoured, smells like banana
  • ban-azlenut
  • making a part 2
  • this is fun, do it with kids
  • is this from amazon? no, it is from turkey

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She literally said in the video just before this that she would make an effort to include "prerecorded" in the title of the prerecorded videos (within parenthesis, I believe) so why not do that? You think she is lying here or is just trying to get ppl pissed at her and banking on the fact most don't read the desc?
Edit: she just changed the title to prerecorded. nvm.