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Yeah, I checked out her comment section when there were fewer than 200 comments, then checked again 10 minutes later - major Delete Storm going on.

I couldn't get all the way through - in light of her diagnosis, if it proves real, this is beyond tone deaf. If it's an elaborate ploy for attention, views & $$$, the conniving is sickening.

Becky says, when some crumbs drop: "We JUST swept these floors." I feel for her, she may have to spend a whole 5 minutes re-sweeping that flood.

The struggle is real.

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Becky is looking particularly fat and unattractive in this video. I can't believe amber pays that goblin to be her caretaker, there has to be a prettier lesbian for hire.
But is there a prettier lesbian willing to wipe Amber's ass in exchange for snapbacks and graphic tees?

Besides, Amber's type seems to be "lesbian woman who looks like a teenage boy with special needs".

The people in her comments are simping hard to her and Becky thinking that just because it says prerecorded in the title it's fine for her to upload this sort of stuff

Idiots are actually giving her a pass on doing dumb shit because she has cancer

It's only a matter of time until she uploads another fast food mukbang or another "dear haydur nation" style video where she'll get a lot of backlash (hopefully)


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Funny that she's been diagnosed with cancer, lost her shit on camera and acted like she was going to take this seriously, and her first new "prerecorded" video is a mini-mookbong with mediocre Turkish snacks.

Never change, Big Al. We'll miss your whiplash cycles when you're six feet under. :shit-eating: