Americans! What Will You Do With Your Trumpbux? - Trump is now a YANGGANG communist

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I got so heavily down voted in the Corona thread for saying that some form of UBI was inevitable. It's hilarious that Trump confirms what I said on the same day. Right wingers you have to get out of your anti-welfare mindset, it doesn't work in reality. The Corona Virus will finally show Americans what a sham the monetary, wage slave, system is. Thank you China. xoxo


You too can find an axe and grind it
I'll probably use it to pre-pay bills. I'm, admittedly, a bit nervous after seeing people talking about inflation issues. How is this supposed to work anyway? Are they just going down a list of citizens and mailing checks or do you have to apply? Or has it not even gotten that far in discussion yet?

Marco Fucko

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If the government gives me money then it is my duty as an American to buy a PSA rifle/PCC.

Wipe my ass. All this money being printed is going to be less valuable.
If they're sending checks wouldn't you just cash it at a bank and get currency already in circulation? Or have it deposited into your account and not have to use cash at all?