Americans! What Will You Do With Your Trumpbux? - Trump is now a YANGGANG communist

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Everyone will get it. Lol.

Are you even paying attention to the news? Any proposition has high income earners getting less, but still receiving money. Such as:

That's one PROPOSAL.
A random idea is meaningless and Trump has already stated that high income people reviving it would just be wasteful.

The topic was Trumpbux being UBI or not NOT some random Kennedys idea.


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Put it in savings until I can spot a specific market up-trend, then dump t in that, cash out in a year, and use the money for a nice vacation with the family


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In the post-Corona economy, the only commodities that'll have any real value are canned beans and Steam game codes. I'm good on the beans front, so I'll be using my neetbux to invest in the latter.

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I'm going to buy even more merch from my favorite local and indie bands. I get cool t-shirts; they get the money they need to live on right now.

Buying one t-shirt at a live show earns a performer/band the equivalent of 10-15,000 song downloads on streaming services. The margin's a bit thinner when bought online, but still, anything is going to help. Lots of small bands were relying on spring tours for a major chunk of their income, and with those now canceled, the financial blow can be devestating. So I'm going to be a patron of the arts.

look. if the fed is willing to give 3 trillion even though they knew the first half trillion didn't work when it came to the economy. They should give every american an average of 10k. We all know the poor would spend that so quickly it would jump start the economy. plus q1 is going to be great so trump will have that stock boost once companies announce those results. also any criticism against this was just proven wrong when the fed was willing to give 3 trillion in the last week only for the market to still shit the bed.

having said that, i said an average of 10k, it should be like the tax brackets. we have 7 and you get less the higher up your income is. so if you're in the bottom two, you get like 20k. and if you're in the top one, you get to see how much being poor sucks. (less than .01% of people reach the top tax bracket mostly because the rich are smart enough to not reach that bracket)