Americans! What Will You Do With Your Trumpbux? - Trump is now a YANGGANG communist

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I'll be honest, I don't buy it. I'm not a billionaire or financial institution, as such the US government doesn't actually care if I live, die, or grow mushrooms out of my crack. I'll make that decision if/when I get it.

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Seems excessive for a game of jump rope.
I could probably sus out what he's wanting.

The girls are there to tie him up with the rope, the booze is there to drug him up beforehand and knock him out, and the chicken is there to crow and act as a watch so Good Samaritans can't find him and set him free. The chicken nuggets are for the girls to eat while they leave him to slowly drown, unconscious in a tub full of water and Kermit the Frog bath bubbles.

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Magically delicious!
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Either put it in a savings account or use it for a family trip that trumped (heh) my graduation- my mom promised that she would do something special, and we're going to make the most out of it once this is all blown over.


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Probably keep half of it for savings and put half of it into options trading and/or buttcoin.