Americans! What Will You Do With Your Trumpbux? - Trump is now a YANGGANG communist

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Probably hand it all over to the one of Trump's Chosen People landlord, her one of Trump's Chosen People children, and one of Trump's Chosen People cat.

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I don't think that throwing money at this problem is going to help.
I think the biggest concern related to your issue is the lack of financial literacy skills we see in many people today. In my high school, there was a social studies course that included a chapter on financial literacy topics (such as various types of savings accounts, banks vs. credit unions, how to calculate a loan's true cost by including the interest over the loan's lifetime, etc). Between the push to teach everyone STEM and other reasons, this course no longer exists in the HS curriculum there and in many other districts. As a result people don't know how to manage their money in a way that allows them to balance paying off their essential bills with saving money for luxuries and putting something away for the future whenever possible.

For people that know how to prioritize spending any sort of TrumpBux, it just might help them keep their personal finances stable until daily life returns to a more normal state. For those that lack money management skills, the money will be spent on the first impulse item that comes to mind and they'll be no better off.

I think what we should be focusing on is reducing our reliance on China.
Even if it doesn't happen on any sort of large scale, it seems there are some people that are slowly realizing Chinese products are cheap for a reason and that the cheapness comes with its own costs, many of which are unpleasant. Whether this encourages any sort of meaningful decrease in the overall demand for, and consumption of, cheap Chinese goods remains to be seen. :optimistic:

(less than .01% of people reach the top tax bracket mostly because the rich are smart enough to not reach that bracket)
When the revised tax brackets under Trump's tax plan first came out, a work client actually asked me what the cutoff value was for the highest bracket so that they could try to avoid falling into that bracket. Sure enough, they actually did what was necessary to stay under that value ever since.
Answering the OP question, I'd likely pay off my estimated taxes for the year. Anything left over would be divided between savings, retirement, and replenishing the emergency expense fund. If TrumpBux continued beyond one month, I'd likely prepay what other expenses I could and save the remaining amount to be prepared in case my job situation changes.
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Save it to bribe someone to take care of my bird when I inevitably get cancer in the next decade or so. That's the stuff that keeps me awake.


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Well my fellow kiwis it was intense negotiations but it looks like the bill went through
Coronavirus government response updates: Negotiators agree in principle on $2 trillion stimulus bill
he federal government has been rolling out its response to the coronavirus crisis, trying to slow the spread and stimulate the economy, which has taken a severe hit, and by agreeing to a massive stimulus package after midnight on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump is signaling that he's considering loosening coronavirus social distancing guidelines amid the growing economic fallout, while public health officials warn that approach could quickly overload hospital systems and cost more lives.

So basically we're getting at Least 1200 a one time payment unless you live in a blue State and might get a second one or even half a years worth 0_0. Oh and btw some Dems are trying to get the Corona cash added onto SSDI so if so Chris'tugboat is about to get bigger