Dramacow Amitabho Chattopadhyay / Amy Chattopadhyay / Hips-chan / leSemenDemon / princessCuck / transmisogyne - Lawsuit-happy transgender immigrant (with a shota wife!)

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Amy Chattopadhyay is a transgender Singaporean who fled to the US to avoid military service, married a transgender shota, and sues people for fun.

Classic Amy - her old /cow/ thread (pre-transition/shotawife) featuring some appearances by Amy herself: https://archive.vn/23QxA
Post in Rat King General: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/rat-king-general.19686/page-2#post-1384912

TL;DR of Amy's backstory: Amy fled to the US to avoid Singapore's mandatory military service. She did some stupid shit online (see above /cow/ thread or search "Hips-chan" if you really care), including trolling /int/ and /lgbt/ and defending fellow pedophile Sarah Butts, but none of that holds a candle to her recent actions.

Amy's transgender child bride:
Amy's wife (male), Finn, is a few years younger than she is. They met a few years ago, when Amy was 19-20 and Finn was 15-16. Finn started transitioning at 15 and started HRT at 16. This is a problem for Amy because California's age of consent is 18. Amy was able to get Finn's parents' consent and a court order and marry Finn when she was 16. She claims that she avoided violating California law (e.g. putting one's penis and ejactulating in a child's mouth is legal in CA as long as there's no physical contact).
Amy and Finn have been separated since just before Finn's 18th birthday, and Amy is dating Lucille, a cis lesbian who is her age. She is still married to Finn, possibly to avoid deportation to and arrest in Singapore, but mostly to ensure that she still has access to Finn's parents' money and a green card. Finn's family is rich and Finn is having mental health problems (I wonder why) and has been institutionalized twice in the past year, so Amy says she is "going to apply to be conservator of her person and estate and have complete control over her finances and personal medical deicsions".

The shotawife's transition timeline:
/r/Drama explains and reacts to her Reddit account getting banned: https://archive.vn/asK1d
Example Amy post: https://archive.vn/mne0P
Amy demonstrates her knowledge of California's age of consent laws: https://archive.vn/Aoemv

Amy tenderizes the shotawife with her fist; https://archive.vn/dfpI1 (video)

Amy and the law:
Amy is obsessed with the law. She is a law student and works for a nonprofit that provides criminal defense and immigration services (https://archive.vn/3Q64V).
Amy got wrongfully evicted in the second half of 2016 and sued her landlord, master tenant (she was subletting), and roommate. She chose to represent herself. She settled with the owner of her apartment for $35,000, and was awarded $100,000 from her master tenant and $220,000 from her roommate in the final judgement. This saga has been ongoing for two years.

These are the (almost) redacted parts that Amy herself posted:
cG48XC1.png OYEsnM9.png dEZ1vVF.png mY0DDxN.png IQFMBNl.png
Documents from San Francisco Superior Court website CGC-16-556148: https://webapps.sftc.org/ci/CaseInfo.dll
A law news site wrote about her antics: https://archive.fo/kpdso
Her ex-landlord accidentally emailed her and she posted about it on Reddit: https://archive.vn/akhdA

She also threatens internet forum moderators with lawsuits and wrote some OC pasta about it: https://archive.vn/R6idC

Amy talks about suing people online:


Despite leaving Singapore to avoid mandatory military service, Amy wants to enlist in the Army, Air Force, or Coast Guard. She thinks she can get out of an enlistment contract with her legal skills. She plans on claiming that her drill sergeant raped her during basic training.

Here's a pic of something he posted in r/wallstreetbets: https://archive.vn/v0ofe

Personal info:
Some addresses:
615 Guerrero Street Apt 2 San Francisco, CA 94110 (This is the apartment she was evicted from.)
117 Sunset Circle #25 Benicia, CA 94510
410 Hoffman Avenue San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 481-7495
Email: amitabho@trioptimum.com
The shotawife: @fin#5024 @209892309267906560
The girlfriend, Lucille: @motherlie#8967 @344354982675611658

Relevant online presence:
Discord: @amy#4198 @102509062389776384
Discord Server (/cutetrans/): https://discord.me/realtrapshit 150895101306994688
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Hipschan (http://archive.md/JfMl6)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/leSemenDemon (http://archive.md/heoQ0)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/princessCuck (banned/no archives)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/statutorydamages (http://archive.md/gVFME)
Steam (that fucking display name): https://steamcommunity.com/id/amita/ (https://archive.vn/AFL6b) (ID: 76561198033757650)
Tumblr: http://hipschan.tumblr.com/ (http://archive.md/JoeD7) (down)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/transmisogyne (http://archive.md/xUY16)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lesemendemon (http://archive.md/8QC8K) (down)
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gametraps

She also plays lots of Fortnite (really makes you think) but I don't know what her account is.
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You need to upload the pictures directly to the post. Archives of imgur are not working right.

This person sounds like a mess, but what makes them a lolcow? Can you give examples of online slapfights and drama that others can follow and dig on? Perpetuation of a thread depends on the lolcow's milk production.

Screencaps and pictures would really help all this as well.


ThE FaCe ThAt RuNs ThE PlAcE
This thread needs some visuals in the post to break up the text.
I'd pass on the thread but:
Despite leaving Singapore to avoid mandatory military service, Amy wants to enlist in the Army, Air Force, or Coast Guard. She thinks she can get out of an enlistment contract with her legal skills. She plans on claiming that her drill sergeant raped her during basic training.
Now I want to see how epic of a fail this will be.
Also she deserves a Singaporean caning.

BE 911

The guy already has been posted in a post in Rat King general, which could help the thread a bit. There seems to be people that know a lot about him (like in that /cow/ thread where his ex-trannies lovers would show up to say how garbage he was) but it's always without source. The image they give of him is that he's a massive creep who's overly sexual and gross in public.

His twitter seems to reflect that. Doesn't seem to be ashamed in the slightest either.
translating hentai.png

true woman.png

Also has a weird obsession with trying to date lesbians that don't want his dick, apparently. Posted on twitter he was happy to match with one on tinder.
want true lesbian.png

want true lesbian 2.png

I guess he really likes being the center of attention for making tweets like that too.
kero stuff.png

Fun cow overall.
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My skin crawlith
>Listen, sex doesnt matter to me. I dont care about sex. You know whats better than sex? using your mind.. then sex will come to you. I have mastered science at a very young age. Likely due to my atheism. When I was 7 my dad brought me to church and I said "dad this is stupid and fake" I was a natural born atheist. I didnt need reddit to convince me. I'm smarter than everyone on this site. I learned that science is more important. I take college level science classes and im only 13. I am basically a genius for my age group. Because of my many sciences I have met many college girls while taking classes. They are impressed by my knowledge and usually take me to college parties. I dont drink so I usually go hangout and read a book. This one time a girl brought me up to a room to show me her bed or something? and we ended up having sex. I felt her vagina in all. So a movie to describe my sex life? The Conjuring. because I conjure up pussy all day long.



Someone said something about the wall:
Unfortunately I don't have the recording of her saying "If you're talking normal statutory rape... I especially didn't do anything within the last three years".

A typical Discord conversation with Amy - this is just the highlights from one night: https://vocaroo.com/i/s09RZJdIJ3hO (mp3 attached)

Choice quotes:

Amy is making dinner with her mother, who is visiting from Singapore, and switches away from her normal accent when she's talking to her. I assume this is to avoid further disappointing her.

"Waiting until someone is 18 is the worst kind of cowardice. If I want to be rich, I make myself rich. I don't care if I have to sue someone, ruin their life, sieze their - like what I'm doing now is I'm gonna wait until my ex-landlord/master tenant has to make his next rent payment. The day before he has to make his rent, I sieze his bank accounts so he can't pay rent. That way he's gonna be more likely to wanna give me more money. I just do things to accomplish my goals. That's what distinguishes me from the fucking loser pedophiles who wait until people are 18 before they have sex with them... the abnormal attraction is still there, they just happen to have waited until an arbitrary number. I mean I don't have any abnormal attraction to young people or whatever, but if someone happens to be 16 and they look like an adult or whatever, I'm not gonna wait two years. I'm gonna marry them, I'm gonna make it legal, I'm gonna go to Nevada - whatever it takes."
"So how many times have you had sexual relations with your wife?" - "I'm not telling you that - that's weird."

"but it's legal because we're married"

"we broke up right before she turned 18" - "you're still married" - "she has a lot more money than I do - she's paying for my rent"

"What if I get a friend to sue me and I agree and I get a 10 million dollar judgement against myself and then I take money from my wife's account? You can execute against a spouse's account in California ... yeah it's really not fraud ... I'm gonna wait until my spouse tries to divorce me ... she doesn't have most of the money yet because her mom has the money ... she can't take care of herself; she's like mentally unstable ... I didn't actually mentally do anything to her ... she was abusive to me on multiple levels ... If she tries to divorce me by holding immigration stuff over my head I'm going to claim domestic abuse and get a VAWA visa"

"you'll get what's coming to you"
- "That's funny. Everyone thinks that one day everything's gonna backfire and something bad's going to happen to me, but it hasn't happened in all the years that I've lived and apparently been doing bad things ... I've already taken an old man's retirement savings and nothing has happened to me."

"I got accused of rape once. There was an actual police report ... she didn't follow through with the complaint. She claimed that she stopped because she was afraid I would sue her or whatever, but I don't think that's the reason."

"you posted your nudes here once and then you deleted them after everyone said you looked like a little boy" - "here's a picture of my legs" - "[reading text chat] I don't care to look at the face and/or body of someone as sociopathic as Amy [she said this exactly how you imagine]"

"I'd rather he not be trans because if he is it's kind of a disgrace - look at his fucking face ... I hate anyone that is male ... I literally just don't see myself as a male" - "[another MTF] That's okay, because I do." - "Do you shave when you wake up in the morning? ... I see myself ironically as a male. I'm cool, you know. I date cis lesbians. I'm a smart lady."

At this point, Amy is playing Fortnite while her mother does the dishes. She talks about how she's not like other women.

"You can feel when someone around you is an autogynephilic crossdresser who took it to the next level."

Amy takes her estradiol. It sounds like it's in pill form.

"Imagine being in the middle of a heated argument on the internet and you're like 'wait a second I need to take my estrogen' TEEHEE"

"I'm not actually a sociopath. If I was actually a sociopath, I'd be way ahead."

"I just want to bring some joy to people's lives ... I want everyone to be happy as long as they're not bad people. If they're internet mods or whatever who ban people for no reason, then I want to ruin their lives ... I have sued internet forum moderators, but I'm not going to tell you which ones because I'd get in trouble for perjury ... the court I like to use the most is the Western District of Washington ... If you ever get something from the federal court in Western District of Washington it's probably going to be from me ... you can file online and start a lawsuit over Tor ... I can subpoena Steam directly ... if you're targeting internet forum moderators and you want to find out their payment information, you're gonna go for Steam or some other thing that autistic internet moderators use ... I wrote a manifesto about it. Basically, my joy from it comes from the incredible contrast between the feeling of absolute power that an internet moderator has when he bans someone and the feeling of absolute powerlessness they have when the lawsuit arrives in their lap ... they have to hire a lawyer ... a thousand, two thousand, three thousand, four thousand dollars every month draining from their savings that they worked for years to build up." - "Moderators are all depressed and they're all NEETs. And what's really strange is so many of them are trans ... aren't you a moderator?" - "I'm a moderator of my own Discord but I don't ban anyone without giving them a full trial ... look if you want to destroy a mod's life just pay me money. I will actually deadass do it." - "Would you describe it as a righteous fury?" - "Of course ... When someone exercises power arbitrarily upon you, it's only fair to exercise power arbitrarily upon them, and that teaches them a lesson. I told you about the lady who thinks I DMCA striked all her stuff, right? This lady banned me from her Discord server, and shortly thereafter, all of her YouTube videos were copyright striked and her YouTube channel was deleted, which was a big deal for her, because that's how she earned half of her income. Half of her items on her online store got copyright striked as well, so she lost a bunch of income from the shirts she sells. She kind of became homeless and had to move in with her old friends ... I'm not saying that I did it, but let's say that I did - she seems to think that I did - doing that to someone is educational, because I want them to sit there and think 'was it really worth that moment of power?' ... I want them to feel that maybe it wasn't worth it ... the idea that you can act arbitrarily towards someone and get away with it - that's the kind of mindset that needs to be done away with. Personally, I think it should one day be legal to sue people for banning you from online forums - there should be a $5000 statutory penalty for banning someone without basic process or a reason or adhering to your own stated rules."

"I fuck lawyers in the ass, dude." - "Goy lawyers or Jew lawyers?" - "Jew lawyers. The guy's name was fucking Goldman."

"You like the attention, right?" - "Of course, I love attention." - "Would you like the attention if it was from Kiwi Farms or Encyclopedia Dramatica?" - "I've had attention from Kiwi Farms. It's not as fun because you can't get to them. They have all these self defense mechanisms that they've built up because they do this constantly ... I'm in it to have fun."

"I like playing Fortnite." - "Are you better than Ninja?" - "No." - "Can you do the Fortnite dance?" - "I tried ... I'm not an autist. I like attention, but only the positive kind of attention, where it's like 'you're a fucking sociopath, you ruin people's lives for fun, you keep raping people and you keep getting away with it' - that's the kind of shit I love."



  • Vocaroo_s09RZJdIJ3hO.mp3
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The guy already has been posted in a post in Rat King general, which could help the thread a bit

That, in fact, used to be the OP of a thread about this person. It got merged because there wasn't a lot of interest in Hipschan.

I still remember that slapfight with Nora Reed like a year or longer ago. I could try to dig it up sometime later.

I think this might pan out this time around if OP uses all the information at their disposal.


Another night's voice chat highlights, this time with Amy's girlfriend in bold. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1bkqjopuwO8

"Prostitution is rape. Let's just kill men."

"Are you one of those dysphoric trannies or AGP trannies?" - "AGP."

"What do you think of this image?" - "That's the one that got me banned from fucking Reddit." - "I don't really understand. So what? She's a lot older than the kid and shouldn't be kissing her?" - "I guess." - "Did ya sue them?" - "Obviously not." - "Upon first looking at it it's like 'oh, it's like a sisterly affection' and then they're fucking straight up making out." - "Maybe it's like a sisterly affection for this one ... it's not that weird ... I think it's actually not pedophilic ... It's just a developing relationship ... I don't think she's grooming her - there's no way to tell from that."

"I posted this [the first panel] only and I said 'me and my wife' ... I actually went to find the super high-res originals of this image to post this specific image with a transparent background just to make it like extra like, yeah definitely."

"PCGamer lowers a games review because the transgender stories were too distasteful. Whoops, turns out they were all written by transgender fans of the game based on their actual real life experiences! That's so funny dude. They reduced the score of the game because the trannies are reductive. What a fucking legend. What a fucking exceptional individual dude. I fucking hate this fucking moron. I want this person to have their throat slit. Fuck! We need to sue them. We need to sue PCGamer. We need to sue them out of existence. We need a new Hulk Hogan. We need to destroy them. Fuck 'em ... Fuck Buzzfeed. I don't care about Buzzfeed. I hate all of these journalistic establishments. Dude, fuck 'em." - "Would you say you hate them because they're unethical?" - "Yeah, yeah, ethics in gaming journalism. I hate when people lie. Because they think there is no consequence to them. And I hate when people are like, wrong, but smug about it. I think that's the thing that like irks me the most is when people are wrong but smug about it. That's why I want to sue internet moderators more than anything else. I still have that lawsuit somewhere on my hard drive that I was gonna file against the /r/Drama mod team ... No, it was like, I was gonna pretend to be a German businessman who had been driven into financial ruin by the /r/Drama moderators who ripped them off under like Resident Evil game tie in. You all -- all the /r/Drama moderators lied to whatever his name was and told him that they had the rights to the Resident Evil franchise to make toys with but they didn't, so he spent all this money. And that's the story I was gonna go with to get the subpoena for the records from Reddit, and then I would've gone on to subpoena the ISPs for the personal records."

"[loli voice] Yah, I'm a little girl. 'Cause I'm in mommy's hands. Mumhmhmmhm." - "That loli voice comes a little too natural."

"[reading comment] Amy literally can't sound like a chick lmao. Princess Rebecca, you're a man first of all." - "[their] gender identity is just as valid as yours, Amy." - "No it's not." - "He's even more minority than you." - "Yeah, he's a black transwoman." - "So is Amy."

[un-transcribable exceptional individual noises] - "Don't you love listening to cute exceptional individual lesbians?" - "exceptional individual" - "exceptional individual lesbians." - "Uh, it's a dumb boy and a tranny who's not really a tranny." - "I fuck lots of retards. That's why I fuck myself."

"I'm probably the best lolcow out of all of the people who are ... Why is everyone like, listen, I'm an excellent lolcow, why am I not like in a position of power or influence?"

"Where did your dad go?" - "I actually never met him."

"... men are subhuman and deserve to die."

"[to Lucille] You're gonna have mommy issues by the time I'm done with you."

"I feel like, I'm pretty hard, I'm pretty cool. I'm awesome. See, I feel like if you're a girl and you're not into guns, sorry babe, I'm afraid you're gonna be a beta bitch for the rest of your life and you're gonna go through a succession of relationships with men." - "You're a beta bitch with no artillery." - "Why don't you get a gun?" - "We live in California. I also have a mental illness." - "Well that doesn't mean you can't get a gun." - "So what's it like for mentally ill people to acquire guns in California?" - "I don't know if I want to answer that question ... So here's the thing. Just as I would feel morally obligated to not tell anybody who is some kind of John Brown gun club motherfucker how to get a gun, I don't know if I want to tell mentally ill people how to get a gun either." - "Have you been involuntarily committed?" - "Yeah, but how can I get around that?" - "No not no NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE" - "I think I did agree that it was voluntary." - "Voluntary commital can still be grounds for judication." - "Good luck .... I would sue the fucking ATF." - "I could probably just go to Nevada and buy one and then come back if I really wanted one." - "Nevada? No - you need a local driver's license ... What do they mean by Court Board Commissioner or other lawful authority? That's not constitutional. They can't have like a ex post facto--" - "Oh, wow, somebody discovered gun laws are unconstitutional! Wow! Wow! ... Congratulations, you just lost your gun virginity. You just figured out, it's actually bullshit. Wow! Congratulations!"

Lawsuit update (01-12):


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Another day's highlights (https://vocaroo.com/i/s0i1whLB9f1g)

"I just want an illegal immigrant to like... open up with M4 fire on a fucking Trump rally or something, and like "diplomatic immunity, you can't get me, mothafuckas!" And they just have to declare him persona non grata and send him back to Mexico. That'd be so fucking based dude."

"Wait, so are you here illegally or not?" - "I can explain the whole thing in like sentence but you wouldn't understand a word of it. I originally came in as a LPR in like 2003. But then I left for 7 years in 2007. And then I came back on a non-immigrant L1 L2 visa and then changed my status to a F1 visa. But in the meanwhile I never abandoned my permanent resident status so I applied simultaneously for a green card on the basis of my marriage [to the underage wife] to a U.S. citizen and I applied for a renewal of my already existing green card. So either I'm a permanent resident right now who never abandoned my permanent resident status because I had a fixed intent to return when I left at the age of 7 or however old I was-I was 9-or I'm not a permanent resident and I'm a person here on an expired visa who was parolled back into the country in 2017. And I'm here on-what's the word-a period of authorized stay by the Secretary of Homeland Security. It sounds schizophrenic because it's so fucking weird."

"I don't care if anyone becomes a citizen. I don't care if like rapists and murderers become citizens, dude. Why the fuck does it matter? Just put them in prison forever. Like it doesn't make any fucking sense. They want to pay taxes and whatever and be out on parole or whatever. Why the fuck--why does it matter? Like holy shit."

"Literally, I just want to literally go into a rural West Virginia community or something and poison the water supply, dude. Fucking oh my God." -

"I seriously fucking despise those -- it's just like frustrating like all of those fucking mayoids on r/The_Donald or whatever. I literally want to kill them. Like I honestly want to kill them. It's not even like oh I disagree with them. I mean I do disagree with a lot of people okay, but I don't want to murder them the same way I want to murder the subhuman creatures that post on r/The_Donald."

"And the fact that it takes so fucking long, it just makes me want to mark people. Like we need to just start killing like USCIS employees. Like we just gotta kill them. We just got to start killing a lot of people and then our problems will be solved. Look at how fucking overpopulated this country is. We don't have nearly enough bureaucrats to deal with the incredible mountain of people. So we just have enormous fucking structures in society that aren't enough to support the truly magneficent amount of people in it. It's just fucking terrible I hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it. It's fucking dystopian."

"I talk about how no one gets prosecuted for anything and it's really terrible or whatever. But the fact is it's just like, no one gets prosecuted for anything unless it's like murder or like stealing stuff. And so it's just like GOD I FUCKING HATE POLICE. I fucking hate all of everything related to the [sic] criminal law because the death of private prosecutions in like the 60s 70s 80s just fucking ruined America in a way almost. Like I can think of a million legal issues that have ruined America-legal developments I mean."

"Shit, so what if I sue or serve Notch? What if I fuck Notch over?" - "Really?" - "Really, you think people are invincible or something?" - "I mean, he is, albeit my a small margin, the richest r/Drama mod." - "He has what? A billion dollars, right?" - "1.4" - "He has like $1.4 billion dollars. I'll file a fake-some fucking bullshit lawsuit for $500 million dollars against him, like obviously I'll use a straw plantiff from like the Philippines or something so if he countersues he just sues some homeless man in the Philippines. [laughs to self] And then if he defaults on one of these lawsuits, he's probably going to default on at least one of them, because I'll probably find a way to sue or serve him without actually sue or serving him. Like I'll have it just be a handwritten ass pleading and have some weird looking ass dude just throw the papers at him and obviously videotape it so we know for a fact that he's been served. And then fucking like wait for him to straight up ignore it because he thinks it some weird crazy Minecraft fan or whatever. And then like 6 months later--sorry not 6 months later, 2 years later, there's no fucking way I'm going to mail the fucking default notice to him. 2 years later, and obviously it's going to be in a court that doesn't publish their registers of actions online just in case he has someone--I'll probably sue him from Alpine County or something. And then a few months later or something 'oh hey my brokerage account that has like $300 million of my money in it in like SPY or whatever has just been garnished! Oh no! It's been frozen!' he says on Twitter. Hahaha. That's something I kinda want to do. That'd be funny."

Another voice call (https://vocaroo.com/i/s1kb5XH6hYfi):

But wait, there's more!

A week later, amy was at a furry convention with her girlfriend. The first image below is a "anime drawing" of Lucille, amy's girlfriend, and the second image is Lucille's fursona. As with last time, Lucille is in bold. While at this convention, the chat learns that Lucille was raped when she was five years old and that Lucille is "a pedophile's wet reality," probably in reference to herself.

anime.png fursona.png
"I'm at a furry convention, what are you asking about?" - "What kind of furries? Is this like a yiff yiff thing or is this like..." - Yep - "Hmm..."

"amy, would you consider going to Furfest this year or is it too far?" - "What's Furfest?" - "Midwest Furfest, the biggest furry convention?" - "I'm not going to the midwest for a - I'm just here because I'm with my girlfriend dude." "Seriously, unironically consider it. Because this year it's going to be the five year anniversary of the gas attack and if someone decides to repeat it I wouldn't want you to miss out."

So have you seen any pups or...? - "Yeah, there's a ton of them." - "Yeah, no, like we saw like a bunch of fucking like -- they might've been like 14, look at how short they were." - "And the mask hides it so" - "Yeah, yeah, yeah they were like 14 year old girls." - "Wait, wait, which ones were you attracted to?"

"We were talking about little girls. We thought you wanted in." - "Yeah, I'm a fan of that. What's the question about?" - "No question, we just thought you wanted to talk about it."


"I was talking with my girlfriend who got raped when she was like 5 and she like, listen, like I was like talking about her pussy like it's a perfect slit or whatever and I was like hey --" (a member, interrupting) "Hey, you want to reintroduce your tragedy?" - "No no no, see she has got a good sense of humor. Anyway I was talking about how she if she lost weight she'd be a pedophile's wet dream or something like that--"

"And then you raped her." - "No. And then she sa--" - (a different member) "Or did you rape her before that?" - Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking exceptional individual. What's wrong with you? Are you mentally ill or something? You can't fucking shut up for half a second? I'm gonna slit your fucking throat you fucking exceptional individual."

(the first member) "And then you raped her, right?" - No, I didn't--eh it's kinda hard to say it's rape. -- But didn't you slit her fucking throat because...

A third person at this point attempts to restore some semblance of order. She eventually continues her story.

"Anyway, so I was talking with her and uh--let me finish my sentence." - "So, you're in the middle of a furry con telling us this story right now, right?" - "Yeah yeah. So she said 'I was a pedophile's wet dream.' And I said, 'you are a pedophile's wet reality.' I thought it was pretty good." - "Yeah that was built up way too much. I'm glad we--" - "No no no, it was good before you retards tried to speak over me like the fucking imbeciles you are. I hope you die dude. I hope each and every single one of you die. Okay nevermind. Okay okay."

The chat presses amy for more information about her exploits.

"What's the youngest girl you've fucked?" - "Prolly 14, no I'm kidding. I wouldn't actually fuck a 14 year old. I fucked--I think the youngest was like 16 but I thought she was 18 at the time. So, rest in peace I guess. She told me over a game of Fortnite I was like, 'maybe it's cause you diddled me as a child' she said and I said 'what? you're 19' and she says 'I'm 19 now' she says. Haha. What a bitch. For some reason, young women keep lying about their ages."

I'm sorry. What's the youngest girl you were engaged to? - 16. And then I married her. What do you mean? - "Oh, nevermind." - "I never fucked her before she turned 18 though--I mean I never fucked her before we got married." - Oh, that's fine.

Yeah, but you got to like get to know her first. Like you might play board games, like Operation? - Hahaha. That's very funny. No, uh, we played Overwatch. - Overwatch? - She's really good at Overwatch. - When did you get married-or engaged I should say? - We got engaged in like February 2017 and then we got married May 2017.

At this point, amy "Naruto runs" into her "bitch's arms" and the chat mostly ends.

Amy screenshot grab bag, mostly from one night. She's trying to get into law school despite the ABA's character and fitness requirements and her shitty LSAT score.
1.png 2.png 3.png 4a.png 4b.png 5a.png 5b.png 6a.png 6b.png 7.png 8.png 9.png 10a.png 10b.png 11.png 12.png
Bonus Fin:
fin1.png fin2.png fin3.png

EDIT: Found another (shadowbanned) Reddit account: /u/considerablyricher
The only interesting things on that account are some /r/worldbuilding posts related to the book and this:
"Every enlistee in any military who joins 'for the benefits' is both in function and in principle a mercenary." https://archive.vn/y5F1g

More law school stuff:
Screenshot_2019-01-30 Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers.png
Screenshot_2019-01-30 Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers(1).png
Screenshot_2019-01-30 Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers(2).png


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Haha. Good job @Ed_ButteredToast you've managed to dig up TONS on this sperg.

Some stuff not mentioned above:
-He used to be a brony (https://web.archive.org/web/20140303211133/https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Amit)
-Was obsessed with language and wrote a spergy book called Ocilentra (Was how he was originally doxed by /Baphomet/ as he put his real name on it)
-Their immigration was totally illegal (Edit: oops was actually mentioned in the transcripts)
-Some of the nudes he posted on their old tumblr (hipschan(dot)tumblr(dot)com) way back in 2014 are likely underage (by a few months but still)
(And yes it's on wayback but I'm not linking for obvious reasons)

Got more too (Will upload later, posts need to be cropped)


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Gross. I sometimes wonder how these sort of people get a boyfriend/girlfriend?

I guess they just have a knack of finding desperate naive people. Since the guy is married to Finn, but they broke up, how come the Finn's parents havent done anything to get rid of him?
AFAIK Lucille is fat and Finn's parents are rich white people who Amy is probably manipulating (just like her child bride). IIRC the mom is crazy and the dad is absent, which makes things easier for Amy. Amy claims that Finn abused her, but she still wants Finn's family's money.

Amy really likes people's rights, except when they are children who do not consent to sex:
Discord_2019-02-01_21-34-06.png Discord_2019-02-01_21-36-30.png Discord_2019-02-01_21-38-01.png Discord_2019-02-01_21-40-08.png Discord_2019-02-01_21-41-41.png Discord_2019-02-01_22-10-19.png
It's /u/uncontroversialtrap.
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AF 802

Amy really likes people's rights, except when they are children who do not consent to sex:
View attachment 655137 View attachment 655138 View attachment 655139 View attachment 655140 View attachment 655141 View attachment 655142
It's /u/uncontroversialtrap.

What bothers me is him implying that 50 state conceal and carry would mean trans and minorities would be killed often, even though, you know, there's hate crime laws, criminalization of homicide, databases on hate figures and a multitude of measures that would prevent EXACTLY THIS.


Same shit, different troon.
An interesting thing to note is the Singaporean connection in relation to her law obsession. Singapore is an authoritarian city state, but one of the more gentle ones. The regime keeps it hold on power by legislating their opponents into oblivion as well as controlling all residential properties. Sound familiar?
Amy got wrongfully evicted in the second half of 2016 and sued her landlord, master tenant (she was subletting), and roommate. She chose to represent herself. She settled with the owner of her apartment for $35,000, and was awarded $100,000 from her master tenant and $220,000 from her roommate in the final judgement. This saga has been ongoing for two years.
Anyone know if they were actually awarded the damages or were the tenants and room-mates unable to pony up?


True & Honest Fan
Amy got wrongfully evicted in the second half of 2016 and sued her landlord, master tenant (she was subletting), and roommate. She chose to represent herself. She settled with the owner of her apartment for $35,000, and was awarded $100,000 from her master tenant and $220,000 from her roommate in the final judgement. This saga has been ongoing for two years.

WTF? How does an unlawful eviction result in over $350k in damages? Even for San Francisco, that sounds absolutely insane.

Apteryx Owenii

Happy to no longer have CWC-related username
True & Honest Fan
WTF? How does an unlawful eviction result in over $350k in damages? Even for San Francisco, that sounds absolutely insane.

Yeah. Sounds like they were playing pretty fast and loose (probably changing locks etc) but still. How the fuck do you get 20k in physical and 20k in "emotional" damages? Okay, the latter is fee fee California but still, the physical? Did they literally throw him out the door and break his ribs?

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