Dramacow Amitabho Chattopadhyay / Amy Chattopadhyay / Hips-chan / leSemenDemon / princessCuck / transmisogyne - Lawsuit-happy transgender immigrant (with a shota wife!)

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This user is a good friend of Amy by the way, I recognize their profile picture. They are in the op's discord screenshots, but I am unsure if I am allowed to name them.
Thanks bro. This is dimensional, another batshit insane discord tranny. Unsure how much it matters, but I figured that it should be out there.
You would be naming the wrong person. I'm just an onlooker but I know who you're talking about, I doubt they would be active in this thread. My profile picture comes from the photo editing software GIMP as like a placeholder image, the only place on discord you would have seen me with this pic is in the non-tranny discord where ongoing Amy drama is taking place. I looked in OP and didn't see this profile pic, can you quote where it was?
This isn't "shitty internet posts", this is an actual big-boy federal crime- that your dumb ass just made yourself complicit in if you aren't making shit up. If I felt like being a dick, I could drop a hot tip to the IRS and then you might have a fed knocking on your door to ask questions.
You can do that if you want, but Amy has claimed her employer has seen this thread and didn't care. She has hundreds of hours of voice chats in this server, unless someone specifically recorded it I don't know what good that would do. Mods in the server are scrubbing a lot of her posts and linking this thread results in a ban.


Proof that Amit married his underage husband with the intent of banging him.
amy pedo.png
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young men would do ANYTHING for a loving female in their lives. imagine going on HRT for a mommy gf


Looks like Amy has gotten a lot of attention on twitter recently! A discord post she made about someone who murdered a prostitute got posted to Twitter, and that post has over 8k likes at the time of writing. Here is the post, and this is the discord post that was shown.

Kinda crazy how no one has actually mentioned Amy and their... complicated past.

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