Inactive Amy Carlson / Mother God / Gaia and the Love Has Won Cult - Mom-cult leader who used to be a McDonald's manager, heard voices and decided to leave family and job to form a cult


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there was a young child and a young teenager in the car, and the cult members are being charged with child abuse. I hope they aren't horribly scarred for life, but odds are they slept next to the rotting mummy corpse with no eyes for a few weeks. custody is being taken by the state obviously.
Only for the 13 yo. The 2yo is with his dad who happens to be the one who called the fbi as well as the one in charge of the money for amy.

Here guys. A sing a long. Girl with baby is still in lovehaswon. Other girl left and has videos denouncing lovehaswon. Idk if ill ever think of this song the same. They improved the lyrics.

Its like a suicide anthem

Meet some members!

Lol. A lil mothergod flow

100% mental illness

Xanax and weed btw

Fathergods idk id this has been shared yet

Its all fun and games till the kids start cussing

Theres a guy in a blue shirt toward the left of the screen. That is the guy in charge of money who turned everyone in so he wouldnt have to part with said money. The woman talking is his baby mama. These ones are interesting because theres soooo many people there.

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The mother didnt receive any care during her pregnancy at all. The father was almost never around. Amy decided they would be twin flames and the babys mother said amy somehow her to help her become pregnant.

Because they dont believe in "3D" medicine there wernt any midwives or anyone professional outside of the cult. Idk if any members were qualified. Idk why she didnt deliver in the bathtub or something. If i run across more info ill post it.

They basically stole their neighbors old duck pond and that is where she gave birth. (I cannot imagine.) The baby doesnt have a birth certificate or social security number. The mother is here illegally from england or something and nobody seems to know her whereabouts except cult members right now. Its assumed shes avoiding ice and has been 'missing' since april 3rd.

Idk why the cops would believe the miguel guy (the one who called the cops about the corpse and handled the cults finances) is the father without any paperwork. Its really all so weird.

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@FarmerKhourtney i found it. Sorry. Been a lil busy today.
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The baby born in a duck pool was named Drake. If he’d been born in a chicken coop would they have called him Rooster?

Yeah, just reading the last few posts on this and I can't wait for the Last Podcast on the Left episode about this.
They covered it on this week's Side Stories (which is just Ben and Henry reading news articles more or less) and cocked it up pretty bad. Seemed like Henry only read the earliest article released and left it at that. They made a ton of assumptions and were ignorant to 90% of the background of LWN. They did say they'd cover it again as more news came out. It's pretty obvious they didn't bother reading this thread or the reddit. They even mistook Amy's actual sister for a "cult sister" and mocked her Facebook post before the thought that it was an actual family member crossed their mind. Those two dudes are pretty stupid without Marcus' (and their researcher's) help.

It's the first subject they cover on the episode of Side Stories from May 5th, if any one wants to check it out

All the missing eye headlines reminded me of this video:


"See you at the crossroads crossroads crossroads
Where you won't be silverrrr,
Or need a new liver."

Thanks to those with inside info for sharing here. I don't do 4Chan or follow the FB page. How insane that she actually died of advanced liver disease/malnutrition and everyone just stood around and watched.

Apparently they are trying to recruit new members in Spain (Valencia, Sevilla).

The Op in this Menéame thread, a spaniard reddit clone, says he already knows one case.


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Doesnt have the ambassadors. Im also unsure who is blacked out. Handy little guide to whos who in the american fractal.
It doesn't answer a lot of questions. But I found one of the people who was blacked out. The fourth one...They really didn't do a good job with it.

I think it's Walter "Riccey" Paschal. Riccey is a very uncommon nickname so I'm just assuming I hit the target. The only reason I could think of for him being blacked out was in early 2020 he had a pretty big public warrant for his arrest for sex trafficking. (There could be other reasons but I'm just guessing.)



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I’m really surprised at the amount of news coverage I’m seeing. I thought they were really small potatoes and just a local issue when I first came across them

I saw one article that said her eyes were missing. Then I saw another one where the eyes had glitter makeup

would you put glitter makeup in empty eye sockets ? :o
I think putting glitter in the eye sockets would make them feel like she was still watching them, due to them sparkling. Reminds me of that scene in Red Dragon where the killer would put broken mirror shards into the eyes, because he wanted an audience.

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