Dramacow Amy Dyess / Beau Dyess / TheBeauDyess / amydyess / Beau Bruce Wayne Dyess - Delusional Terf/Gender Critical whistleblower, ex-gender critical, self proclaimed “Alpha Trans”

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Jan 13, 2019
UPDATE: Her new Twitter handle is thebeaudyess. ARCHIVE she is a serial deleter.
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Amy Dyess is a delusional narcissist that has claimed to be be a major player on the TERF/GC scene only to turn against the movement when she failed to get the attention she so badly desired. @Kirkorov has provided a wonderful write up of this transformation in the TERFS thread in Community Watch.
Dyess has a burning hatred for anyone who isn't SJW Leftie. So anyone who disagrees with her = homophobic/right wing/affiliated with Christian Right etc. Even if they're gay themselves. Mainly, she wants to be important and make her name known. She's tried being a writer for Gender Critical feminism/lesbian mags (couldn't make it), being a musician with some band named "Big Dyke Energy", failed. She has a Youtube channel and is trying to start a thang called "LTV" (And this is the Twitter for it, it's boring and unpopular), and when people didn't center her and treat her like she's "a big deal", she got all pissy and defected to the Troon side to try her luck at importance/relevance/gain popularity there.
Amy believes she was a Major Player in Terf town. But that's not true.


Meanwhile, Mars is a reasonable Trans man who was blocked by Dyess a few months ago because he wouldn't agree with her on everything. Amy was butthurt that Arielle Scarcella has never acknowledged her because Amy is a nobody and Arielle has a very large following. In fact, Amy and her goblin of a friend @Sherriedlarch look like they're jealous as hell of Arielle, while simultaneously livid that Arielle has had it with the SJW left and will actually converse with conservatives.
Linda Riley, who owns lesbo mag "Diva" is full on tranny arse-patter. So Dyess was already probably plotting her glorious smear campaign at that time already. But the DM's Dyess sent to Mars illustrates the narcissist pissiness of someone who feels everyone should be paying attention to her like she's some important journalist, filmmaker etc etc. but yeah, they don't.





Since the beginning of the year, Amy has blocked multitudes of lesbians, rational Trans people, terves etc. for wacky reasons (like someone wishing her Happy Birthday). As @Nykysnottrans said, seems like paranoia.


blocked.jpg blocked2.jpg

The huge turning point though, seems to be some kind of skirmish with Julie Bindel. Bindel ended up blocking her and then Amy snapped.
Remember the LTV account is also Amy, even though she's speaking in the 3rd person. Tweeted in February, these predate Amy's lunatic rant in Pinknews by several months.




Bindel and many others have claimed Dyess would stalk lesbians. I think it's plausible because Amy is forever pursuing relationships, packing up and doing the lesbian U-haul + cat. It also makes sense that this is why Julie Bindel may have suddenly dropped Amy and blocked her. If enough women in UK or in Terf circles complained about Amy's behaviour it would have set off alarm bells, maybe in the end they just didn't want someone so unstable to be their responsibility (just speculating). Think about it. Dyess would be in Bindel's HOME under Bindels' care, and be totally dependent on UK terves


Just 2 months earlier, making a point she was single and looking for love:


And she certainly didn't seem to have a problem with Bindel introducing her to women:


SOMETHING happened in 2.5 months that foiled all of this ending in Bindel blocking her. So now she's declared Terves, especially UK terves, are all in bed with "The American Religious Right", that they're all the same, they're all homophobic, and she ran to Pinknews and concocted this mental story as some kind of revenge, or display of her butthurt and is trying to suck up to the most mental Troons the UK has to offer.
I think it has something to do with Charlie Evans, who is a vocal detransitioner. Amy claims to have had love triangles, and accuses Terves of controlling lesbians with SEX (honestly at this point it sounds fucking bonkers).


Amy also claims that Charlies girlfriend wants to shag her, that Evans offered her thousands of dollars


Evans countered with this:


However, I've seen numerous times, that Amy has grifted money off of gender-critical women for a long time.


In fact, Here is a GOFUNDME page the GC feminists set up to raise money for Amy because She was "in need"


Seriously, there is so much shit on Amy Dyess all over the internet. I'm convinced she's full of shit. That she had delusions of grandeur and is out for herself. Through all this, I didn't see any evidence of the bullshit claims she made.

I know this is the Terf thread, so I'll just leave this here. I went into it here because this is the only place I saw the topic brought up.

TL;DR Amy Dyess is a grifting drama-whore who gave that interview to Pinknews for revenge against perceived slights against her. She thinks she's a BIG fucking deal, and gets mad when she gets shafted for being too difficult. Now, Amy is fucking lady balls deep in the most insane, despicable people the troonosphere has to offer and I'm just gonna sit back and wait for them to cannibalize her.
The only real evidence of Amy's involvement in the GC/TERF movement is a since deleted Medium article, "TERF Is Hate Speech and It's Time to Condemn It".
TERF is hate.png
Amy soon began to feel ignored. She had this conversation with TERF lawyer Cathy Brennan.
Speculation is that Amy's interests are shaped by her need for attention and pussy. Once those prospects dried up she decided to become a self-proclaimed TERF/GC whistleblower, a moniker she proudly displays in her Twitter Bio.
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After coming out against the TERF/GC movement Amy was featured in a May 2020 Pink News Article (Archive) calling the movement a cult.
In the following months she posted several articles to Medium.
Last Pride, a Lesbian Showed Me Gender Critics Were Using Us (Archive)
Prodigal Butch (Archive)
How to Leave the Gender Critical Movement (Archive)
In the lead up to these articles Amy claimed to have 30k plus screenshots to blow the lid off of the TERF/GC movements. These articles fail to do so and she has yet to provide to bombshell proof. The entire time Amy kept pumping up her importance as a crusader against the evil TERFS.

In late November 2020 Amy revealed that she trooned out and that she preferred male pronouns.
Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 12.47.27 PM (1).png

Current Meltdown
The weekend before Christmas Amy, sick of not being recognized for her role in the fight against the TERFS snapped back against troon Twitter. Claiming she was the only true leader in the fight because she was the only one willing to stick her neck out DECLARING HERSELF THE ALPHA TROON!

1 (2).png

Amy was called out by Rhys only to be blocked.

Tranny Sideshow favorite Amy Petrelli was even blocked.

This is still relatively new and the Troonosphere is blowing up over Amy. There will be more dirt coming out.

Amy Elizabeth Dyess was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on March 11, 1983 making her 37 years old in December 2020. Her mother is Penny Young Dyess Kessler and according to Amy's IMDB she is a second cousin of actor Jared Leto.
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Amy graduated from Louisiana State University in 2011 with a bachelors degree in creative writing.

Amy currently lives in the Seattle area. I just wanted to throw this in.
Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 8.05.30 PM.png

She live in Edmonds outside of Seattle. Confirmation of her middle name comes from her grandmother's obituary.
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Here are lists of Amys archived Tweets.

I will be updating within the next few days. There is a ton of info out between the TERF and Tranny Sideshow threads. I just wanted to get something up while the Troonosphere was blowing up.
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Jun 10, 2020
Thanks for the thread, I kept hearing about her but I wasn't sure who she even was since the information was spread out in multiple places. Considering her apparent need for attention, I have a feeling she'll enjoy knowing she has a thread here now.

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Jan 9, 2019
Didn't she claim that TERFs were sex trafficking lesbians (despite the fact that TERFs are among the most anti-sex people out there?).
Yeah in the Pink News article she claimed "a British lesbian promised to find Amy a wife so she could stay in the UK and galvanise the struggling gender-critical movement here" (lol at "struggling" when the troons around the world have been crying about how intolerant and terfy the UK is for ages).
Which was probably just a silly way of saying they wish she could stay, or it's an older lesbian joking about U-hauling, and she took it seriously. Assuming the conversation ever happened.

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Jan 17, 2018
Yeah in the Pink News article she claimed "a British lesbian promised to find Amy a wife so she could stay in the UK and galvanise the struggling gender-critical movement here" (lol at "struggling" when the troons around the world have been crying about how intolerant and terfy the UK is for ages).
Which was probably just a silly way of saying they wish she could stay, or it's an older lesbian joking about U-hauling, and she took it seriously. Assuming the conversation ever happened.
Considering she was 'looking to find love' in the UK, I'd bet she was begging her UK friends for help with meeting other lesbians. So it's likely it was:
Amy: I want a wife, help me!
Friends: There's loads of women here in the UK who you'd like!

As if Pink News could sink any lower in existing purely as troon propaganda, they eagerly published everything this nutter had to say because they want it to be true. And even they don't seem willing to keep doing that, if her publishing on Medium is any indication. Though it's also possible that she just priced herself out of their market, considering how important she thinks she is.

Yet another narc in the troon family. Funny how they just keep piling up.

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Jan 13, 2019
Huge part of the hilarity about Amy Dyess is her inability to be a female attention whore on the internet - so I don't approve of this thread because we shouldn't be giving her attention since no attention means more milk.
I was hesitant and first, but the, "embarrassingly amateur" line was too much to pass up. Plus, we can't provide pussy.
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Oct 21, 2018
As covered in the OP, Dyess suffers from delusions of grandeur, but is also a grifter, scammer and con artist. More humbly in the beginning, she was your run-of-the-mill, unspecial butch lesbian.
While on #TeamTerf, Amy dated an eccentric lesbian feminist name Terri Strange (wacky feminist with an unflattering hair cut who babbles away on her Youtube channel- I'm thinking she's genuinely ill, so I'm above going into her further). She also chased after Terf who allied with American conservatives Julia Beck.
There seems to be loads of fucking lesbian/Terf drama online and offline. Too complicated for a mere man to un-pretzel.
Up until Amy's sudden and convenient declaration of being Trans (though what kind of Trans, no one fucking knows), she fiercely clung to her butch lesbian identity. She clearly stated she thought about the idea of Trans identity, but concluded she was not Trans in any way.


Thing about Amy, it seems she snaps when she realizes she's just not the REALLY BIG super important, mega-popular leader she thinks she should be worshipped as. Hopelessly convinced of her own importance, when she was Terf side, she would regularly flip her shit at anyone who didn't acknowledge her as a major voice in the movement. She would often take it to DMs, or just blanket announce on Twitter that anyone who even remotely disagreed or criticized was simply a homophobic traitor who hated butch lesbians and block them. She'd even rage at other lesbians who had considered themselves friendly with her. Or had given her money to help her.


Which leads to the grifting, and cons. Amy has been known to extract money from "gender criticals feminists". Lest we forget, most women the Troons dub "Terves", are actually just regular people who've had it with Tranny insanity. They're mums, lesbians- regular people with day jobs who donate to Amy for any number of sob stories or crowdfunders. Upon her great backstabbing of #TeamTerf, many people spoke up about how they gave her money either out of kindness, or on loan, only to be abused by her, called a homophobe, then blocked. At times, she even showed receipts of these people's selfless donations to her, labeling them "grooming".
Because yeah, so many people "groom" 37 year old adults (also first screenshot below, she tries to entice troons with "LESBIAN SEX! JULIA BECK CALLED By PLAYBOY MANSION! INTRIGUE! DRAMA! NUUUDDDEEEEESSSSSS!!!" PAY ATTENTION TO ME.")

Ross.jpg grift.png

funding.jpg scammer2.jpg

legitbutch.png griftingmore.jpgggriftingmore2.jpggriftingmore3.jpg

As I said in the quoted text (via the OP), Amy expected British Terves to embrace her as a hero. The saviour coming from Amerikuh, to stand on a pedestal and be elevated to Lesbo #1. But UK Terves started suspecting something was a bit off. They started seeing the grifting and the stalking:


Her invite to UK was possibly rescinded, or else she was ghosted. And she went batshit insane, started spraying bullets at former friends and allies, and went immediately to Pinknews for revenge, then directly into the burly, hairy arms of Troons to start anew.
She invented a ridiculous fucking story about "The Terf Cult". Even going so far as to publicly state that Terves are run by an International Network of Powerful Lesbians who promise women sex and WIVES for being enveloped into the cult.

As per Amy's Medium Blog Post "The Prodigal Butch", The Power lesbians include:


Claire Heuchan = @Claireshrugged : Black lesbian from Scotland. Writes about lesbian shit, feminism, and being a black lesbian etc. Not rich, nor powerful
Gaye Chapman = @my_real_name : Acquired the AfterEllen website along with Memoree Jolee a few years ago to save it from becoming another girl dick hellhole. Nice older American lady who unlike Amy, is gainfully employed and seems to work hard for her money. Doesn't seem to be some millionaire type. Has donated money to help Amy out when she claimed she was struggling. Has hired Claire Heuchan to write articles.
When Amy says she was "recruited", I've surmised that she was in fact asked to join a private chat on Twitter, which she joined willingly.
Charlie Montague
= Can't find her Twitter, but a New Zealand Uni student who has stepped back from Terf Wars. She is notable for being one of the first lesbians to stand up against Tranny Insanity at Auckland Pride. She held a sign saying "Stop giving gay kids puberty blockers". Not rich. Not powerful. Troons made her life hell afterwards. * I had intel that Dyess was interested in Montague, but the Twitter account that went over this has been banned since, so I can't verify*.
Terri Strange- As above, ex-girlfriend who broke up with Amy.
Ani O'Brien - Not sure if even a radical feminist. She's a based Kiwi with a substantial following trying to fight back Troons taking over women's spaces and sports in New Zealand. Much like most peole who speak up about the topic, she's been subject to vilification and no-platform. Hardly seems "rich and powerful".
Julia Beck - @womandefy former love interest as outlined above. Beck is a lesbian who was booted out of the Baltimore LGBT Commission for describing a male transgender rapist as a male and saying that men can’t be lesbians.


From a laymen's observation, Amy Dyess is basically stabbing everyone she has ever dated, and everyone who has ever helped her o donated to her in the back.
Troons hate women so much, that they'll believe just about fucking anything, publish unsubstantiated claims, just to feel vindicated. Dyess has to date, never produced anything that remotely proves her allegations.

And even the notion of "Terves promising Wives" was a load of shit, and Amy blocked the woman who called her out on it.



This post is getting long, so I'll break it up here and get back to this hilarious pile of garbage later. I'll just leave you with this:

beauking.jpg images.png

The Butch Menace.

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