Amy Ramadan / Amy Lee Bell / Amy David / Amy's Life Journey!!! / Amy's DesignZ / amysdesignz - Convicted thief, grifter, fat YouTuber in a spandex hijab; confirmed child abuser

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Is the "Amy eating oatmeal while driving" an archived video?
I don't know if it is archived in the thread, because I think it may have happened before she got a thread. I will try and find it on her channel. There's nothing remarkable about the video other than Amy is eating oatmill from a giant fucking bowl while driving to therapy.

Bud, she is a couple of tons machine!
its funny and coincidental that some of these amazing creatures featured here, in this illustrious farm, do have *ahem* prangs with cars. Look at Chris chan. I’ve lost count now how many accidents it’s had.
for reasons I can’t drive, and with drivers with a flat E.E.G like these do, I’m glad!
Imagine what 500 + pounds of unbelted youtuber would do if she hit you head on.


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I found Amy Eats Oatmill.

Saint Amy the Potty Training Expert lectures and pontificates on the subject and cites studies she's never read. She's acting the fuck out of her gentle and compassionate earth momma persona. Children should be trained when they're ready as to avoid it being a traumatic time for everyone involved. She has many years of practical experience and knows what she is talking about. Does Amy practice what she preaches? Let's watch the following video to find out!
In this video, Amy decides it is time for Omar to be potty trained. Her method is to take away his diapers for good which results in him pissing and shitting all over the house the entire day. He is punished for it with "time outs." To avoid every day becoming a "beating session" she relents and gives him back his diapers. He has won this battle but not the war.


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If she didn't wake up at the crack of I have to be across town in 15 minutes this wouldn't happen.
And it happens constantly and consistently. In nearly every video where she is driving to an appointment, she is going to be late. But it's okay, you guys! Appointments have a 15 minute window. So next time you're waiting in the lobby 30 minutes past your appointment time, it's because people like Amy have arrived late and unshowered after a long night of making pudding for the tranny man.

eta: I rewatched the Amy Eats Oatmill video after not having seen it in a few years. Amy admits she never takes her antibiotics as prescribed. So I would like to take a moment to thank her for the plague of antibiotic resistant bacteria that's killing millions of people. Good job, you absolute sociopath.
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I wonder how her Ramadan fasting is going. Lol
My guess is a tatertard will ask her about fasting in tonight’z live and Amy will make them look at her sped art while her fat swaddled brain concocts a medical emergency lie why she couldn’t partake.

NGL, this is Amy’z Mona Lisa.


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YES she has plastic flowers glued to her head. YES the starboard one is missing. But, Strorbry, maybe it's like that on the port side as well? We know Amy does not abide asymetry!

One of you precious scamps recently wagered Amy surely has a LIVE LAUGH LOVE sign. Before you click the timestamp I want you to ask yourself this question: Self! If we were rich, what would we buy the everloving fuck out of?
Also of noteworthy significance in this video- Amy went to have an ultrasound. This time around when they jammed the probe into her undergunt, it didn't split! Truly a reason to rejoice.

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