Amy Ramadan / Amy Lee Bell / Amy David / Amy's Life Journey!!! - Convicted thief, grifter, fat YouTuber in a hijab; confirmed child abuser


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I haven't had the time yet to sit through two hours of the Jelly Brain Reechain Saturday Sell Extravaganza to sift for gold, but this weirdness is in the description box.

Sounds like personal assistant to the Oregon Epoxy Ogre has been added to his list of slave burdens.
When she got up and sat down, you got a really good idea the size of her. She's a big mamma. I'd say 500 lbs at the min.

Lisa Arkie, one of Fat Amy's moderators, is a real nut job. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who gave Fat Amy the 100 dollars when she was collecting for the fire victims. She freely gives away her husbands money all over youtube on a regular basis and not small change. Summing it all up, she's given away thousands to total strangers and a lot of them turned out to be scammers. I wouldn't be surprised if she gives Fat Amy money every time she whines about not having money
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It's NOT a pizza. >:/
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Remember when she insisted that she would never want to lose weight if it weren’t for the health implications, because she feels so beautiful and loves being pleasantly plump?
I don't know why my mouth dropped open when I read this. I guess you gotta take the high road when you look like one of the puppeteer suits straight out of The Garbage Pail Kids live action movie from the 80s.

That said, this is pretty well-timed for her wind-up toy brain tissue.. She's going in with the poor me shit just in time for the yearly internet slaughter of hate she's gonna get for fucking her children out of all the holiday fun stuff for zero reason other than her feelers got scuffed this time of year once, 3 decades ago.

God damn she's such a prick.

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