An imposing figure sat there in front of a motionless crowd - The microphone barely visible squeezed inbetween his colossal fingers

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The Pope of Unmedication
Apr 10, 2021
The only thing audible was a tormented screeching of his overburdened chair.
"H-hi guys my name i-is Boogie but you may also know me as Francis" stammered the humanoid blob.
"T-Today I will talk a-about the evilness of T-Trump presidency a-and importance of mental he-health awareness" he continued as the audience members glanced dispassionately towards their watches.
"S-So basically Trump is evil because he belittled a disabled p-person and..." he suddenly cut himself short, "Oh no, not now"- beads of sweat appeared on his vast forehead. The audience was finally paying attention to the figure as it squirmed on its increasingly unsteady seat.
"S-so basically Trump-" BRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP!- a typhonous release of flatulent gasses washed over the entire room.
BRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP- the second fart ended on a much wetter note. A pungent odor abated, filling the nostrils of the audience with pure horror. One after another, the audience members begin to choke and vomit, their faces filled with indescribable terror.
"I'M SORRY BUT I-" BLLLLAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHH- Boogie didn't get to finish his attempt at excusing himself from the room. A tidal wave of copper-coloured excrement, corn and pepper fragments clearly visible, bursted from beneath his prodigiously sized bodymass. The diarrhea flowed across the floor towards every corner of the room. Audience members begin their frantic attempts at getting out of the room.
But the door was locked.
BLLLLAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHRAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP- The audience members began climbing on the chairs as the entire floor was now covered with an ever-rising layer of filthy, putrid excretion. They tried holding their breath but it was too late- the room now became a gas chamber. One after another the audience members started gasping for air only to find themselves breathing noxious fumes from deepest recesses of Boogie's bowels. Scratching with their fingernails at the walls, faces blue the crowd began to succumb to the horror of Boogie's intestinal ecosystem. They all fell into the rising sea of shit as Boogie- one figure still visible above the surface- still sat there like a giant balloon floating on water.
His speech was a failure but at least he wouldn't have to go home hungry- his feces were so corrosive all he had to do was wait a few minutes until the meat of the audience members was tender. Inadvertently he licked his lips thinking of the feast that was awaiting him. Indeed, today he was not going to go home on an ampty stomach.


I Hate The Anticatgirl
Mar 25, 2020
Ever thought of posting this at DeviantArt? Change this to Sonic characters and you will become the world sensation!
At autistic coomers' little fantasy world, at least