An unbiased opinion about OnlyFans - And no, I have not payed for it

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Fuck Y'all

Ale ameryczka najlepsza, c'nie?
If you falling in love with random hoe, you're idiot
and TBH you can pay for OF subs, if you can't found leaks :smug:

Linkola's IT Guy

Destroyer of Technology
I agree with the basic idea here. OnlyFans is a symptom of the overall loneliness and lack of success with women among young men. These girls know about this and provide what they pretend is a substitute for actual relationships.

Quantum Diabetes
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I wasn’t sure where to put this, a Onlythot I was scouting for lolcow content said awhile back they wish they could paywall reality itself and men would only see pixels around boob and butt areas unless they paid up.
They started on Twitch as a normal Just chatting thot with the occasional Just Dance thrown in, over the course of a summer claimed they got “roundup poisoning” and got that weird face people get when they go full schizophrenic.

Then suddenly it was batshit crazy from then on out,even got banned from official Magic the gathering everything.
Already had huge fake tits, got the feminist side shave and bought cartoonishly huger tits that have to be almost a handicap to have.
Nobody is stealing many of her pictures or trading them as far as I can tell, the severe tds and social justice stuff must kill even the saddest boners.
Lizbethbobomb or Lizbetheden.
I don’t think it was a coincidence they picked the name of an infamous tranny